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Self-Serve DSP

New campaigns are activating within 5 minutes.

Yes, you can.  Go to New Campaign and view the settings of the Creative.

Yes, you can select from which browsers you’d like to receive visitors.

The costs per click are defined using the bidding system – this means that the advertiser with a higher bid is more likely to get their ads to the publisher ad platforms. You’ll see two figures beside your bid field when starting a campaign: one defines the minimal bid you should pay to get the quality implied by a chosen traffic type. The other stands for the average bid that brings optimal results.

Currently we can deliver up to 50.000.000 unique visitors daily.

The traffic is provided from our publishers’ websites.

Yes, thanks to our quality traffic your website’s Alexa ranking will be boosted.

Publisher Questions

Yes, you can sign up from here.

You can withdraw your profit with PayPal or bank transfer.

You can withdraw your profit on every beginning of the month.

We support 2 ad styles: Horizontal and Vertical.  You can setup how the ads to appear, set title and choose color.

Yes, we do.  You can find the documentation in the platform.

Traffic Plans

We activate new campaigns within 24 hours.

No, the payments are made manually by advertisers only.

  • Interstitial
  • RON (run-on-network)
  • Full Page Pop-ups

You can monitor traffic with:

  • Bitly
  • Goo.gl

Yes, please open a ticket from the Client Area.

Yes, please open a ticket from the Client Area.

Payment Questions

The minimum deposit amount is $50.

  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Paxum
  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin

Yes, you can. The minimum daily budget is $5.

We offer refunds only for remaining balances, but not for received traffic that did not convert. We may charge a $10 administrative fee for refunds. Refunds can take up to 7 business days to process.

You may determine your daily spending limit and adjust “daily spending cap” field accordingly. If you change your mind as the campaign goes – you can always change the settings.

You can also setup total spending of the campaign.