Sérgio Carmo

When we found RapiHits, our website has increased by over 70% to its audience. We have a Portuguese website, we have targeted only Portugal and Brazil, the increase was exceptional. If you want to boost your audience, RapidHits is what you need! We recommend RapidHits to everyone. Thanks for everything RapidHits!

Ricky F

I've bееn uѕing thiѕ service fоr 6 months. Always delivered, alwауѕ responsive аnd thе traffic іs solid. Big thumbs for Rapidhits.

Aaron Bates

Fantastic Service from Rapid hits! Targeted traffic as promised! Friendly customer service and honest, Can not ask for more. A++

Jackie Brown

I have used RAPIDHITS a few times now for one of my sites. Everything is always delivered as promised and the conversions made. its worth the $$$. Will definitely use it on my new site too, once I have it up and running.

Bottom line - definitely one to be recommended from amongst all of the crappy sites sending you bots and all sorts of other useless ''traffic''. Thanks!

Vivian Johnson

Brilliant! High quality traffic! I recommend this service to all buyers! Need to buy web traffic, Rapidhits is the company for you! God bless you, I will be back for more.

Steven M

I have tried quite a few sites to buy my traffic, all of them sent me fake traffic, you can even see that in the logs. No one clicks, or don't anything on your page. Useless. But then I tried RapidHits targeted campaigns, and saw the difference. Now I am getting traffic from them on a regularly. 5 stars.

Kyle P

I run my own small business online. I ordered 10,000 visitors from rapid hits and got what I paid for finally. I found a company who knows what they are doing and how to run a proper business. Looking for long term traffic from you now. Thank you for the service.

Tim Brennan

I have had the great pleasure to recently work with Rapidhits on a large scale web site traffic project for my website. From the first stages of the project through its completion Rapidhits has been a wealth of knowledge, insightful, professional, detailed, reliable and dedicated beyond all expectations.

Trellis Lee

You guys are awesome... Thanks for the outstanding services!!

Vipul, India

Kudos to the service of RapidHits!! After surfing through hundreds of traffic generation sites, I zeroed in on RapidHits. First and foremost, there pricing is the cheapest. Nobody near to them.

Plus, they gave me free social promotion with monthly plan which is a big add on for me. Keep going!!

Alexander K

I must commend the team from RapidHits.net, a very fast processing and very nice contact. The support is also very fast and helpful and supports you on every thing you need. Traffic is also a high quality. If there is a better grade than A+ they'll get it.

Nik P

These days, when internet presence is new business reality getting consumers attention is new task and easy possible with this service at RapidHits.net.


Couldn't have asked for better service. RapidHits helped me to get more customers! I really don't believed it from the beginning, just wanted to test it. Now, it's like dream come true. My e-shop has more than 20% sales from the time I work with RapidHits. Thank you guys so much.


Currently I'm boosting 8 websites with RapidHits! I have got a great deal and I am very satisfied. Thanks guys!

Mr and Mrs Lee

We want to say that we highly recommend RapidHits to anyone who is looking to have a great results. They have been very reliable, professional and respectful.

Duncan Ormrod

RAPIDHITS, are by far the best to date. They just delivered little bit more than 10,000 website visitors and it's quick. In fact I got some conversion and made 23 sales in my back end product. Viva Niche Traffic!

Tina K

Thank you for the brilliant service you provide and great response time too. More visitors than expected were Delivered as well. Great Service!!

Jason Chilton, London

A big thank you to Rapidhits. traffic delivered аs stated аnd I'm оn mу 3rd order, gоing fоr my 4th vеry soon. Most importantly I'm ahead profit with usіng thіѕ traffic. Very pleased.

Paul Basset

I have two campaigns at the moment & I just want to say thanks to the support team for the quick responses and the best serviceI have received for web traffic. Could not be happier!

Linda Smith

Perfect real traffic. The traffic was steady as promised. Google Analytics showed all the visitors. So pleased I am going to order again, and this time I am going for even more targeted traffic. Cheers!

Maria, Mexico

Before RapidHits I was using 5 services to achieve my goal. Now I'm using just RapidHits. Cheap and 100% guaranteed results. I truly recommend RapidHits from my heart to everyone!

Patrick T, Germany

Just want to say thanks to the guys at rapid hits, I bought the 10K visitors plan 1 month ago, and after receiving steady and legitimate traffic I have now gone ahead and brought the 50k plan. Excellent work.

Amy L

After spending thousands of dollars on what turned out to be fake traffic over the past few years, and wondering when it would end, I found Rapid hits services after a quick search on Google. After just a few days of seeing the results of my campaign I am asking myself, Why did I spend so much money and time on these other sites.

RapidHits has not only offered a highly professional service but have given REAL results - and without spending thousands of dollars. Excellent service. HIGHLY recommended to ANY webmaster that is looking for REAL results in REAL time.

Kat G

Thank you so much Rapid Hits for your help in setting up my campaign and your willingness to answer my questions. I have tried many, many programs, and nothing was as effective as Rapid Hits. I love the way I can track my traffic, and signups for my site increased this week, which is just great. I guarantee many more orders! Thanks!

Luke Kia

I Would just like to thank Tom and the guys at RapidHits, so helpful and the service is A1+ super fast. I ordered the 30K package and within 15 minutes we are seeing the traffic come. AMAZING!!!! Traffic is truly Worldwide as well BONUS. BIG THUMBS UP FROM US!!!

Happy customer from Kumamoto

Thank You RapidHits! You have boosted my website in search engines and Alexa! Friendly support with professional skills. I really recommend RapidHits to everyone who wants to make his / her website Alive!

Dejan K

Amazing service, great support - fast. All the best. There is no cons for RapidHits!

Mary, Sydney

Great service. Well done will recommend you to everyone and will buy from you from now on. THANKS.

George, Moscow

My job is Internet Marketing. I can tell you that I have tried 90% of services that offer Traffic Services, like RapidHits. All I have to say, I wish I met RapidHits earlier, it could save me a lot of time, money and energy. Thanks a lot, appreciated your time and support.

Mike, UK

Excellent customer service and traffic quality.

Eva P

I have boosted my website as RapidHits promised me. I got new sales and customers. Cannot ask for more! I recommend RapidHits from my heart to everyone! Thank you very much!

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