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10 tips on how to improve your social media

Did you know that more than 50% of all social media users regularly interact with brands? Social media is a wonderous, constantly evolving phenomenon. The crux of social media is the ever-changing landscape and trends that come and go. It’s not enough to know just the basics.

In this article, we’ve provided you with 10 essential tips on how you can improve your company’s social media strategy. Implement each tip with careful analytical research and you will see success almost instantly.

1. Not all networks are the same

Presence on multiple channels is always recommended, but you have to respect the unwritten rules of each network. For example, Facebook is mostly used to strengthen customer-brand relationships and generate leads.

Instagram can help you create hype for new products, updates or anything else that involves visual marketing. Before you devise a social media strategy, you should explore the current trends involving each network and model your campaigns around them.

2. Have a pre-designed content plan

The best form of free marketing on all social media platform is organic content. Create blog posts centered around your brand or related topics.

It’s excruciating to write new content around the clock, so we advise you to make use of online writing tools. NinjaEssays and Best Term Paper are two of many writing tools that can help you get custom written, original content for your company’s social media.

3. Have defined goals

Whether it’s content, interaction or something else – you have to have a plan. Not only will this lessen the workload for your entire team, but you will also get evaluations of your ideas.

By defining a deadline and setting goals, you will see if a strategy is viable or not. It’s also advised that you separate big goals into smaller ones, for easier workload distribution.

4. Know who your audience is

You cannot target everyone and hope someone sticks with your brand. Identify your brand and the services you provide. Think of the ideal customer and what approach would be ideal for him or her.

Come up with a strategy that targets just one or two types of customers. Effective targeting gives you better results in both organic campaigns and PPC ads on all social media platforms.

5. Be ready to adjust

There is nothing more important than having a plan B. No matter how much research you do and how devoted you are, things might not work out.

For content promotion, it’s essential that you know how to prepare second options if your primary campaign doesn’t work. To be absolutely sure, you can adjust your content using A/B testing, mainly for Instagram and Facebook.

6. Use tools for scheduling and automation

We’ve come a long way from manually posting content. Conduct research and figure out the best times to post each type of content.

After you’re done scheduling, you can rely on tools such as BuzzSumo, Sprout Social or Hootsuite to post batches of content all at once. Using tools doesn’t only save time, but it also gives you an extra layer of security if something goes wrong. Your content will be posted, no matter what.

7. Be more human

Nobody wants to receive automated responses and generic comments. Interact with your followers. Like their comments, joke with them and even respond with a meme or two. This will bring you closer to your audience, as you will seem more human. It’s important to follow global communication trends, as well.

8. Let your content do the promotion

In promoting your products, we advise the 80-20 approach. 80% of your efforts, funds and time should be devoted to content that sparingly mentions your brand. The other 20% should be reserved for straight-to-the-face PPC ads actively urging people to buy your products.

9. Be consistent

It’s not enough to just sparingly promote your brand. You have to establish a consistent voice that will become a sort of a trademark.

Everything in your social media presence has to be equally orchestrated. There can’t be inconsistencies between your tone on Facebook and, let’s say, Instagram. Adopt a single image and run with it.

10. Collaborate with influencers

There will always be pages with more followers than yours has. Why not use them to promote your products? Reach out to influential individuals and ask them to promote your products. It can be either via monetary compensation or because they like your brand. Be sure to pick someone with a “clean image.”


We hope that reading this short guide will help you improve your results from social media activity. Promoting your company on various networks helps you build trust with your customers and respond to any issues on an immediate basis. You will also see your brand awareness rise drastically.

Follow these tips and you will create powerful marketing tools that will gift you a constant influx of new, loyal clients. Stay creative and there is nothing you won’t be able to achieve.

by Sharon Hooper
source: SiteProNews