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10 ways to streamline and speed up your business social media

Social media management takes an enormous amount of time for small business owners. If you don’t know how to save yourself time, you might be on social media for several hours a day. You are probably not producing the right quality of content and promotion if you are doing this. Here are our ten ways to streamline and speed up your time spent on social media while releasing a higher quality of content.

Schedule Posts

Make sure you download an app that helps you to schedule your content. If you run a blog or have various social media channels, there are ways to do this. Scheduling posts means you can set aside an hour a week and just get your content ready. It also means that your posts can go out at prime times and you won’t forget.

Stockpile Content

Write and create as much content as you possibly can in three hours, one day a week. Make sure it is high quality and interesting. Visually appealing and professional. Exciting and emotive. Interactive and striking. There is a lot of free to use software and apps online to help you make incredible looking content. If you stockpile and schedule it, you will have a more streamlined system and obtain a better customer reach and satisfaction.

Brand Identity

Make sure you have a logo prepared that is eye-catching and suits your brand identity. Design one here. Ensure that every single post you make has your logo on it. You can make it as big or as small as you want. Just get it on there. This works as a free advertisement on all your content posts. If anyone shares it, others can see where it came from and go back to your business to check out more of your content or services. 

Also, remember to hashtag yourself and add yourself to your stories and shares.

Combine your Engagement

Use an app like HootSuite to view all your social media from one platform. This can save small businesses an enormous amount of time and money. Here you can look at what is going on with your company and schedule posts for later.

Link Networks 

Join your networks together by linking them across the socials. This means, for example, that when you make a post on Instagram, it will come up on Facebook too. Always make sure that it comes up with the right format, hashtags and any images look right. Sometimes content doesn’t link well when it comes to formatting and the aesthetic.

Use Social Networks more and Email Less

When talking to customers, try to use social media. Emails can take a long time to get through and people feel that they can respond to them at any time. When businesses use instant messenger, people are more likely to respond at a faster rate.

It also won’t get sent to a junk file, and unsolicited messages are getting much easier to see for customers across social media.


Automate everything you can, not just your scheduled posts. You can also set prearranged messages for when you are away from your computer. Create a help desk for when you can’t reach customers straight away.

Take Notes

Always keep notes and files about your business. If you have a new idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, write it down. Remember that your brain is the one that created all that you have, and if you want to succeed, you have to listen to it.

Share to Your Story

 Share your own posts and other businesses posts to your story. You will start befriending other small businesses and will find that they are more likely to share your content. If you share the content of similar businesses to yourself, you might find that both of your customer reach increases. It is not viewed as poaching clients if you both gain from it.

Hire Out

You can always use a freelancer site to hire out some of the social media work you need doing. Get a content writer in to write all your business content. This will save you hours and probably be worth the money as you will be able to see the increase in clients and interactions through your analytic software.


There are plenty of other ways to streamline your social media but these are our top tips. Which do you think is the most useful? Try them out and let us know.