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5 clever growth hacking tactics that will supercharge your marketing campaigns

The advent of the internet brought a lot of changes to the world at large.  Socially, we can keep tabs on our friends and family all over the world.  We can get various views on life, read news from any news outlet, and shop from pretty much any store.

We also have unlimited and free entertainment at our fingertips.  While these modern conveniences are great for the average consumer, the distractions that are created are a nightmare for the traditional marketer.

With that being said, there are some smart tactics that can still be used to boost your brand awareness and eventually create higher conversions in an ever-crowded space.  One such tactic is called growth hacking.  Growth-hacking is a set of techniques or a strategy created to catapult your brand’s growth. It’s typically done using a mix of content marketing, social media marketing, and native advertising.

While every company’s growth hacking strategy is different, below we’ve listed 5 growth hack tactics to supercharge your marketing campaigns!

1. Repurpose Everything

You know that saying work smarter, not harder? It definitely applies to growth hacking.  Many growth hacking efforts require consistent good content.  Instead of creating content as you go (something most marketers don’t have time to do). It’s smart to look in your content repository for media that’s already done really well. Once you know what has performed well with your audience in the past, you can use that information to create various forms of media which will help expand your reach.

In order to define what has worked well, look at your Google analytics data and engagement rate. You can also look at how many times a piece was quoted or shared by your peers.  Once you have a list of good content, take it and create new forms of media to appeal to a wider customer base.

For instance, if you created a blog post originally, perhaps create a meme, infographics, videos, audio segments or even full podcasts using the information from the original blog post.  If you created a video to start with, transcribe it into a blog post, clip the audio segments into shareable pieces or keep the audio together and publish it as a podcast.  The ways you can use content are really unlimited and can save you a ton of research and production time. Especially when you know the content will most likely do really well based on previous performance metrics!

2.  Create An Interactive Environment

This is where something called gamification comes in.  Gamification is a type of interactive content created to promote reader engagement.  Examples of gamification includes quizzes and polls.

Creating an interactive environment through gamification allows you not only to create engagement, but also to entertain, show your personality, make people laugh and connect with your brand.

Create a positive experience with gamification and not only will you have increased the time on your site, but you’ll have created something extremely shareable. After all, a good quiz or a good poll will often get passed on to friends and family.

3. Get On Your Email Marketing Game

While growth hacking is often thought of as a content and social media game, email marketing is arguably one of the best ways to quickly grow your brand.

As long as you’re sending value, your emails can be a great way to promote sales, new content, or even expand your personal branding. If as a business you haven’t started an email marketing list, get to it! I know email marketing might seem old fashioned, or less effective than other channels, but it’s a really effective way to grow.

4. Start Blogging

If you haven’t figured it out by now, growth hacking relies heavily on making and sharing content.  So, if your brand doesn’t have a blog, that’s the first step.  Some brands try to get away without a blog section, but your efforts will be far more organized and professional if you have a place to share content directly on your website.

Instead of focusing on traditional sales pitches, let your audience fall in love with you and your brand.  Learn to give great and valuable information and post consistently.

Once you find your audience, attempt to “hook” them so you can continue to connect with them in the future. This will also create an environment where they will be inclined to share your brand with their family and friends.

5. Experiment

Before creating more content, you might as well optimize what you have. Once you’re content strategy is in place, you’re repurposing your content, emailing your list, and interacting with your potential customers, take some time to experiment.

Sometimes little tweaks to a header, picture or body of content can have big results.  One of the easiest ways to experiment is to use A/B testing.  You can use A/B testing on your webpages and also in your email marketing to see if changes lead to higher conversion rates or open rates.

by Ezra Pierce
source: PromotionWorld