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5 effective ways to grow your business by planning & hosting events

Corporate events have always been seen as efficient tools that can be used to improve employee loyalty and team spirit, as well as send out the message of your brand to the selected audience. These decades-old conceptions still hold true today. However, narrowing down the potential of these proceedings to a simple team-building experience would be considered nothing short of wasteful in 2020 when large meetings are few and too far between.

So, let’s put this topic into a new context and take a look at a couple of ways to use corporate events to actually push your company forward and grow it.

Set a specific goal and push toward it

Most of the corporate events easily slip into the territory of great but casual parties that do very little to advance the company behind them. In a marketing-driven corporate culture, all of your future projects should have a clear, specific, and measurable goal you will focus your efforts on. For instance, you want to attract new business partners. In that case, you will need to do research, carefully set up the list of attendants, prepare stimulating multimedia content, and plan the activities so that they start productive chatter. When you are done, collect the data and try to assess how successful you were.

Try to increase brand exposure

Every opportunity to increase brand exposure should be and must be used – it’s just the way the world of business goes around. So, no matter whether you are throwing an in-house party or organizing something for the public, you should do your best to make a wider audience aware of your company. This difficult task can be made easier by covering the event on social media (before, during, and after), rewarding the attendants with branded products they will carry out into the world after it’s over and asking the crowd to raise some money for the community. 

Nail down the tech side of the story

When we put aside entertainment, food, and chatter that can all turn out to be incredibly productive and useful, the reason why people come to attend your events is the content you are going to present. Therefore, if you want to get a chance at meeting your marketing goals, the presentation of that content needs to be sublime. Some of the cutting-edge AV broadcasting options presented here should help you along the way and, since we are talking about a very delicate issue that requires a high level of technical proficiency, you should definitely leave this one to professionals.

Deliver on the promise and follow up

As of late, attending events with dozens of people around has become a nuisance, to say the least. If you want to hit a true home run and see growth, the guests need to feel satisfied and motivated to spread the gospel. To achieve this, you will need to meet two basic requirements – give people what they came for and supply them with enough food for thought to motivate them to inquire further and look up your brand on the web. Also, using the party to promote some other type of event, promotion or seminar is a great way to keep people engaged in the weeks after.

Ask people for feedback

Digital technology has always found a way to help startups grow, even if the methods were not always the most obvious. This is one of the best examples. In one of the previous sections, we have mentioned that the goals of your event need to be measurable. The best way to get the necessary data is to simply ask the guests how they felt about the whole thing. This can be achieved through simple online surveys and social media actions. If you want to get really creative, you can supply the guests with branded content that will go through the highlights of the event and let them like/dislike/emote them along the way.

So, we are finally at the end. We hope these few suggestions gave you a couple of ideas for turning your next business party into a powerful tool you can use to improve your exposure and actually grow your company. Recently, opportunities for throwing corporate events have become truly scarce. Let us use the ones we have to the fullest possible extent.