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5 strategies to capture customer attention the instant you get it

An average human attention has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 toeight seconds in 2015. The credit goes to the mobile revolution that made our attention span shorter than that of a goldfish.

When a prospective customer visits your website for the first time, you have very little time to grab the attention. The initial text, image or visual interaction decides the future of your business growth. If they don’t like your concept, they will not think twice before clicking the cancel button. The question is, how is it possible to capture the customer’s attention in the instant you have it?

People are capable of longer attention span when they are doing something that they find enjoyable or intrinsically motivating. There is nothing to worry. If you keep your customer’s needs in mind when presenting your product, people won’t refuse it. Everything else is secondary.

1. Think like your customers.

When selling anything, David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, always focused on the language of the customers. For persuading people to buy something, don’t focus on your product only. To capture the attention, have a solid grip on the language of the target audience.

Don’t have an obsession with your product. It may sound weird because producers don’t take this issue seriously. In reality, this simple understanding converts a normal product into a successful product. You are just a producer in the making.

The product’s main protagonist is your customers. They dominate by becoming a face of your product. Without them, you can’t appeal the audience. Isolate yourself from the product by giving whole space to your consumers.

2. Stop giving motherly affection.

Mother loves her child very much. She supports her child by overruling all the bad behavior. In the back of her mind, she knows that her child is not going in the right direction. But, she covers all these odd signals in the blanket of unconditional love. The innocent face makes her forget to work on improving her child’s etiquette.

Don’t generate so much love for your product. Stop giving motherly affection. Don’t become so attached that you overlook the faults in your product. No matter what, you will always love your product. After all, it is like your baby. But, you have to sell your product. For generating the same love in people’s eyes, start looking your product from buyer’s perspective.

3. Work on your unique selling proposition.

Being a producer, ask yourself one question — why should people invest in your idea? Only a unique good can survive the beatings of the competitive market. Before launching your product or service, you must work on its unique selling proposition. It’s what sets your business apart from others

There are many mobile manufacturers. What makes a particular brand stand out from the crowd? It defines a unique position in the marketplace. If you are selling a recovery drink, an ordinary drink will not work. It must fulfill the needs of the consumers by providing no artificial color and sugar with fewer calories. The product must create a sensation without displeasing the target customers.

4. Create a buyer persona of your ideal customer.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoe. Don’t frame the foundation of the product by having your say only. For grabbing the attention, it is important to realize what your audience has to say about the product. Understand the need for the product in the language of the customers only.

Buyer personas are not difficult to create once you just have collected information of your customers with the help of surveys. Include your customer’s age group, demographic, ambitions, responsibilities and many other things.The deep knowledge of your customer and product that you develop will help you with content creation, sales follow up, customer acquisition and retention.

5. Make micro videos for your product.

In the world of information overload, video marketing is really important for capturing the customer’s attention. Consumers want information in capsule size only. Otherwise, they will simply move on without caring about your product. Product video has a longer lasting impact on customers than text and images. Video promotes your product in an elegant manner.

Twitter and Facebook allow auto play videos on user’s feeds, so micro videos are a golden opportunity to increase your online visibility. Don’t waste your time and efforts by making an irrelevant video. The goal is to incorporate your main idea in one or two minutes.  Apart from your product promotion, show the fun side of your brand with behind-the-scenes video of your team. That small act will connect consumers with you at a deeper level.

If you are not able to make a solid impact, don’t lose hope. Have a look at your competitor’s growth. Ask yourself three questions:

Why are they so successful? What makes them so special? Why am I not able to attract the same kind of audience?