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5 things you should know about the new age of video marketing

Are you using video yet as part of your marketing strategy? Are you looking for ways to connect on a deeper level with your audience? Advertising is quickly shifting away from textual-only content and moving toward video. And the growth of social-media platforms is partly responsible for this change, as these platforms are optimized for creating and sharing videos.

Now, it’s up to content creators to deliver quality ad content that can be consumed in this new age of video marketing.

However, many brands and influencers aren’t prepared for the incoming wave of video marketing. That’s why services like The Draw Shop now exist, to provide storytellers and companies with a platform to create easily digestible, authentic video content. They’re designed to make it simple to create top-notch explainer videos that will reach all sorts of customers, from individuals to startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Video marketing is taking over the content world. You don’t want to miss out. Here are five things you should know so you can build a winning video-marketing campaign:

1. Creativity is key.

Consumers today are overloaded with content. As a marketer, you need to realize that your message is just one of thousands flooding into the average person’s life.

That’s why it’s crucial that you use creativity as a means of differentiation. Traditional advertising has saturated the marketplace, and consumers are sick and tired of seeing the same types of advertisements over and over.

You should look for alternatives that will make your message really pop, like those whiteboard videos from The Draw Shop. While what you say in your video is certainly important, a creative presentation will make it stand out from the crowd.

2. Easy to consume

It used to be a real challenge for consumers to watch videos, especially from their mobile devices. They had to wait for the content to load and buffer, long before they could even hear the message.

Luckily, with the advance of technology, those days of low-quality video are long gone. Today, consumers are able to stream high-quality HD content from their mobile devices. But, it’s also important to remember that neither they nor you have to create movie-length video for it to be effective.

“For your video content, stick to the sweet-spot of two-to-three minutes,” advises Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO of Charfen, a training and membership organization helping visionary entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. “Attention spans are getting shorter, but you still want to be able to provide value. So, if you can keep your message short and to the point — and ideally stick to only one point — you’ll have greater success connecting with your audience.”

Content creators should take full advantage of advanced consumer technology and deliver video that is easy to view, understand and consume.

3. Authentic

Another easy and actionable way to differentiate your message is to be 100 percent authentic and genuine. Most of the advertisements in today’s consumer ecosystem are jam-packed with blatant lies and hyperbole, often presented in bolded typefaces sprinkled with exclamation marks. You can stand out by taking a genuine approach. Your customers want content that they can relate to, specifically catering to their tastes.

“I’m a big fan of shooting when you’ve got something to say, not trying to make everything perfect,” says Charfen, “Your audience responds to your transparency and your real reactions to what’s going on in their world. So, when you have something to say, say it.”

Create something that people will want to watch; and be genuine. You’ll have a much easier time getting your message across.

4. Achieves high conversion rates

The great thing about users who watch your video is that if they are attracted to the content, they’ll be very likely to click through and subscribe to your services or buy your product.

Animated marketing videos have an incredible effect on customers. This is because they transfer information in a way that makes it easier for consumers to understand, instead of confusing the customer with nonsensical ads. They provide you with the tools you need, to teach your customers why they need your service, and to do so in a nonaggressive way.

5. Optimized for sharing

One of the best ways to grow your audience is through social-media channels. Video and unique content is great, but they’re worthless if no one can share them with their friends.

That’s why you should invest in optimizing your content so it can be shared on both mobile and desktop. Make sure it runs on screens of all sizes so that no one is getting cut out of your potential viewer list. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ensure your content goes viral through sharing.

Video is here to stay. Social platforms are making it ever easy to consume video content, and live-streaming continues to boom. To remain a major player in the digital world, recognize that video is no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

So, now that you know what works, how will you use video in your business?

source: Entrepreneur