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5 ways to effectively personalize your workspace to improve productivity

You’ve probably seen Google’s colorful offices and Apple’s genius headquarters design. All of these giants are adopting playful work environments that are designed to make employees feel relaxed and happy which motivates them to be more creative, productive, and collaborative. And this innovative approach to workspace seems to be working! 

According to research, workers who feel comfortable in their offices are more interested in their work. Also, those who are allowed to decorate and design their workspaces how they see fit were more than 30% more productive than those who were forced to work in cookie-cutter cubicles. Since you can clearly gain a lot from personalizing workspaces, here’s how you can put a stamp on your office: 

Get rid of clutter

This might not be a personalization tip you expected, but it’s still crucial for productivity. If you spend your day in a messy office thinking how messy it is, you won’t do a lot of work. Instead, keep it as clean as possible by finishing up early at the end of the day and dedicating 5 minutes to tidying up. Come up with a good organization system that suits your needs and remove clutter that might be interfering with it. You might also designate a place for your to-do list and make sure to update it regularly. It’s a very easy way to stay on track and boost your productivity. 

Make changes to the layout

One of the best ways to stay focused during the workday is to be aware of when you’ve hit your productivity limit. This is when you should take a quick and energizing break to refuel with oxygen. What you can do is get a stand-to-sit desk that will encourage you to change positions and get the blood flowing throughout the day, but you can also change the layout of your space to incorporate some movement into your workday. 

For instance, you can put the copy machine as far away from you as possible or put a water cooler on the opposite side of the room. This will force you to stand up, move and take a short break from the computer. Keep this in mind during renovations or when you need to expand your office space.

Boost comfort with accessories

It is well-known that colors can influence our emotions, stress response, focus, creativity, and productivity, so make sure to add a splash of your favorite shade to your office. Most office spaces concentrate on neutral shades such as white and gray, but you can brighten up your cubicle or office with accessories that will break the monotony. And you don’t have to go all-in by repainting walls. 

All you have to do is choose purple planters, yellow binders, or blue office supplies. Another great way to add color AND boost comfort and softness is to add a rug. This tip is good even for minimalists since models from Miss Amara are natural, textural, and neutral. This allows you to add interest and depth to your office without interfering with your minimalist aesthetics. 

Remember to stay motivated

Make sure to have decorations that remind you of your passion for your job. For instance, you can hang a poster of your most successful campaigns if you’re in marketing or have artistic photos of your creations if you’re in architecture. If you focus on money management, a good personal finance chart will do.  For many business people, their biggest motivators and support is their family. So make yourself feel at home by adding a photo of your closest people to your workspace. 

Green it up

Countless studies claim that people who work surrounded by plants are more productive and happier. Plants not only provide you with psychological benefits by boosting satisfaction and productivity, but they also increase the air quality helping you stay focused, fresh and healthy. Plants can frame your office, Accentuate certain elements and lines or fill up empty space. 

What plants should you introduce to your office? It depends on how much space you have, how much light you have, and how much attention you’re willing to give these creatures. Succulents and cacti are basically indestructible, but plants like Peace Lilies, Spider Plants and Snake Plants are also not needy yet provide their human companions with various benefits. 

In conclusion

Since all of us are different and have different work styles, no one office layout and design fits us all. If you allow yourself or your employees to be flexible in the office during the workday, introduce some plants and personalized decoration, this will give you space to breathe, stretch, practice your creativity and express your ideas. All this will make you a more productive worker that works hard to achieve your beloved company’s goals.