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5 ways to use leftover marketing budget right now

End of year tactics that can push you closer to your goal

This time last year, your team probably sat down to determine your marketing budget for 2019. And now that the year is nearly over, there is a problem with anything leftover.

Either you use it or you lose it.

Budgets are tricky things because not spending the total that you allocated can be a signal to the organization that you don’t need as much the following year. And that can leave your team in a bad position as you plan for 2020.

Short, targeted campaigns can be a challenge to execute without the right mindset. But if you’re in the right frame of mind and have the right goals, there are effective ways Inman can help you use and preserve that budget.

  1. Send a dedicated email to a targeted list. Put your end of year offers directly in front of Agents, Brokers or a combination thereof.
  2. Run display ads for products or solutions. If you already have the creative and the landing page ready to go, run a targeted campaign with audience extension to reach readers beyond
  3. Showcase your brokerage with an Instagram Story Takeover. What is your holiday party like? How was your team’s Secret Santa exchange? Bring the industry inside your culture and spotlight what makes your organization unique as agents consider their plans in 2020.
  4. Boost successful sponsored content. Take a post that performed well for you earlier in the year and give it new life with our Digital Boost Package, with options to reach up to a million impressions.
  5. Extend your outreach on social. Run Instagram or Facebook Feed ads through the Inman advertising channel for maximum reach and performance.