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50 Free Directory submissions with High PR

To gain more traffic to your website bloggers need to focus on creating high quality backlinks. The success of a blog depends on the traffic its receiving. In addition, building backlinks is the primary focus of search engine optimization. The backlinks are links found on another website that directs to your own website. The backlinks will helps your site increase Google Page Rank. Get search engines ranking faster than you have ever dream of!


Creating High Quality Backlinks

To gain high quality backlinks make sure to link to directories that have a high page rank. When submitting your site to a directory make sure to pick the closest category to your niche. When adding a site for submission it can take up to 6 months to be approve. When creating backlinks it can be very tiring process. The advantages for taking the time out to create backlinks are tons of free traffic. The more traffic your site gets the more income it will generate. I have enlisted 50 free directory submission sites with high PR.

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1. Ace Web Directory    (Page Rank 4)

2. Sechwh  (Page Rank 2)

3. Auto Pilot Directory (Page Rank 1)

4. Free Link Dir (Page Rank 3)

5. The SEO Links (Page Rank 1)

6. Best Directory Sites (Page 2)

7. A Directory Net  (Page Rank 2)

8. SEO Directory World

9. Daduru (Page Rank 1)

10. The Great Article (Page Rank 3)

11. Directory EZ Article Search (Page Rank 2)

12. Free Web Directory Biz (Page Rank 2)

13. 247 Web Directory (Page Rank 4)

14. Directory Elite Answers  (Page Rank 2)

15. SEO Free Links (Page Rank 2)

16. Directory Ez Web Tools (Page Rank 2)

17. Bubble Plex  (Page Rank 2)

18. Luton Engineering (Page Rank 3)

19. The Net Directory (Page Rank 3)

20. 10 Directory (Page Rank 3)

21. All Business Directory Biz (Page Rank 4)

22. The Web Directory Co (Page Rank 3)

23. PR 3 Plus (Page Rank 3)

24. Best Free Websites Net (Page Rank3)

25. Gain Web Org (Page Rank 4)

26. Piseries (Page Rank 4)

27. Submissions 4U (Page Rank 4)

28. Info Listings (Page Rank 4)

29. Pro Link Directory (Page Rank 4)

30. Direct My Link (Page Rank 4)

31. Master Moz (Page Rank 4)

32. Directory Fire (Page Rank 4)

33. Nexus Directory (Page Rank 4)

34. Synergy Directory (Page Rank 4)

35. Finance Buster (Page Rank 6)

36. Feed Up Info (Page Rank 8)

37. Lilink (Page Rank 7)

38. Esjuob (Page Rank 6)

39. Jet Jaws (Page Rank 6)

40. UK Internet Directory (Page Rank 6)

41. Diolead (Page Rank 6)

42. Submission Web Directory (Page Rank 6)

43. Hot Vs Not (Page Rank 6)

44. Marketing Internet Directory (Page Rank 6)

45. Britain Business Directory (Page Rank 6)

46. High Rank Directory (Page Rank 6)

47. So Much (Page Rank 6)

48. Free PR Web Directory (Page Rank 6)

49. All Free Things (Page Rank 4)

50. Travel Tourism Directory Info (Page Rank 6)


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