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7 Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Plumbing Business


Like every kind of business, the plumbing business to has its unique set of challenges. The focus is on reaching two distinct markets throughout the year. The primary focus is on attracting customers who need plumbing services ASAP. Your focus should also be on attracting customers who take their time to browse through different options and then figure out the best fit for them. For the sustenance and growth of your plumbing business, you need to focus on both types of customers.

Where to start marketing for plumbers?

Internet marketing for plumbers is very easy to start and scale. If and when the campaigns are run well, it is possible to reach a wide audience with very little cost and effort. Even companies who have little or no idea of digital marketing for plumbers can get started without having to spend a lot on their plumber internet marketing budgets. There are some plumber marketing strategies that can work for all kinds of business, regardless of the scale or stage of their operations.

Marketing strategies to attract the emergency market

It has already been mentioned that there are two types of markets that you will need to target for the growth of your plumbing business. The customers of the emergency market are looking for the nearest plumber with a good reputation that can be reached out immediately. Such customers are influenced by top internet search results, positive reviews and someone they can contact right away.

To increase your chances of attracting customers in this market, your goal should be to be easy to find and reach. The following are some of the most popular plumbing internet marketing tactics that can help you in doing so.

  1. Claim Your Google My Business Listing:

People who are in the immediate need of plumbing services will begin looking for such services through search engines. To enhance your chances of being found by them, you need to claim your Google My Business listing.

Claiming and setting up your local listing is fairly easy and you need to do much. Make sure you fill your listing with as much accurate information as is possible. Make sure you have consistent NAP information across all such listings across the entirety of the Internet.

  1. Set Up Your Plumbing Website:

You need to enhance your chances of being found online by building up your online presence. Your focus should be on getting a visually appealing, fully-functional website for your business which will help you in getting more leads.

Make sure that your website is free of distractions so that emergency call-in customers can quickly find the information that they need. You need to have basic information like locations served, services offered, your USP and phone number, displayed on your website.

  1. Set Up Your Facebook Page:

You need to have a professional Facebook page because it is a very good way of being found fast by people who are in immediate need of plumbing services. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in existence today and thus you need to have a presence on Facebook. Further, Facebook also has very effective conversion-friendly features. It is also completely free and incredibly easy to set up.

  1. Gather Online Reviews:

Online reviews are crucial for the growth of all businesses and the same extends to plumbing businesses. Plumbers get a lot of business from reviews and referrals so if you haven’t yet harnessed the power of reviews for your business, it is high time that you do so now.

People read reviews to make up their minds and to support their choice of a particular plumber over another. Thus you need to have a review-requesting plan to increase your chances of getting more reviews from your customers.

Marketing strategies to attract the researching market

It’s time to focus our attention on marketing strategies for non-emergency or researching clients. Such clients browse through the options, compare them and then narrow down on the best possible option for things like routine maintenance, fixture upgrades, and bathroom installations.

These types of clients spend days to weeks and even months researching the best plumbers for their needs and read a large number of reviews to come to a final decision. To successfully target and attract these types of customers, your primary goal should be of building trustworthiness and credibility.

Hence, we will go through some of the most important marketing and Plumber SEO tactics that can help you in winning the business of the researching clients.

  1. Create Specialist Plumbing Content:

Since not a lot of people know about the intricacies and nuances of the plumbing business, you can use this to your advantage by creating expert plumbing content. If and when you do so, you will be able to win their trust as well as their business. Your focus should be on creating unique and informative content that helps you in positioning yourself as an expert in your industry.

If you manage to do so successfully, you will be fresh in the minds of your prospective customers. You can either write about topics that you know best or can even choose to produce video content on such topics. You need to do so on a consistent basis and over the long term because content marketing takes time to deliver results.

  1. Get More Leads with Work Requests:

Researched-phase customers would probably send you a brief of their problems and then find out if you can help them. In order to get their business, you need to have a proper system in place through which you can respond quickly to such requests. You need to ditch emails and create a work request right from your website or social media page. You should try to get a centralized CMS through which you can easily review and follow-up on work requests.

  1. Leverage Customer Service:

Customer service is one of the most effective ways of growing plumbing business in the long run. By leveraging customer service as a marketing tool you can earn repeat business, solid word-of-mouth, and referrals. While on the job, make sure you do your best to fix the problems faced by the client so that you can enter their good books. Once the job is done, send a follow-up email to them asking for feedback or reviews.

 The Bottom Line

Whether you are new in the market or have been active in the market for quite some time, you can become the ‘go-to-plumber’ in your niche with the help of the aforementioned strategies. It is important that you figure out your company’s USP which will help you in better targeting your audiences. You can implement the aforementioned strategies on your own or can hire plumbing marketing experts of a plumbing marketing company for the same purpose.