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7 popular mobile marketing trends for your business

With the constant rise in popularity of mobile phones, a lot of companies turn to adjust their products and services to an average mobile user. This includes changes in all spheres of business, including marketing. As mobile phones evolve, new and popular mobile marketing for business appear.

Even now, during this pandemic situation, when it is estimated that sales of mobile phones are going to drop by a total of 19%, mobile app development trends are on the rise.

Today, we’ll talk about some of the most popular mobile marketing trends for your business, which should help you to improve your business’ mobile marketing strategy.

1. Constant Changes in Social Media

When it comes to social media, trends are always in motion. Even though Facebook is still the most popular social media network, with over 59% of US adults using it, that number is lower than several years ago.

There are new social media platforms appearing every year or so, and some of them have the potential to be successful (no, we’re not talking about Tik Tok here).

In order to reach out to more potential customers and increase social presence, companies must always be up to speed with new trends.

This includes scanning the market for social media updates, checking out if there are new promising social media platforms, and developing apps for the most promising of them.

2. Mobile Ads Are Crucial for Local Optimization

It is a fact that more and more people are browsing the internet via their mobile devices, especially in large cities.

Therefore, today it is almost unimaginable to run a company in a large city such as New York, without thinking about applying mobile SEO, which is especially important for companies that are based in the NYC area.

In order to penetrate the target market and push your product and services, you will need the best SEO service in NYC. This also applies to companies in any other large city.

3. Rising Popularity of Mobile Gaming

This might surprise you, but mobile gaming has become extremely popular in the past several years. This is something hardcore gamers will deny, but statistics speak for themselves.

More than 57% of the gaming industry’s revenue comes from mobile gaming which wasn’t the case 3 years ago.

Also, this doesn’t just include casual people who play the game while they go to work or school. This also includes experienced gamers. How do we know that?

Well, data says that more than 200 million US residents actively play some sort of mobile game on their tablets and mobile phones.

Therefore, a lot of gaming companies started to invest in mobile games development and advertising. The most common examples are the new Diablo game, as well as multi-platform games, such as Gwent and PUBG.

4. Mobile Commerce Is Getting More Important Every Day

The concept of mobile commerce is not something that is new to us. However, the sheer scale of it has become much higher than ever before.

It’s one of the marketing predictions that the mobile share of e-commerce will reach over $600 billion, which is about 45% of the entire market.

The fact is that there are more and more people using their mobile phones, as well as tablets, to make purchases online.

This is why companies that strive for success need to invest in m-commerce marketing, so they would be able to find themselves in front of their competitors and attract more potential customers.

5. High-Quality Changes in Advertising via Apps

In-app advertising has been quite difficult for some businesses because there were a lot of technical difficulties that were hard to overcome.

A lot of companies failed to successfully apply in-app ads because of the large number of bots, whose main function is to fraud people, so the effect was counter-productive. Instead of increasing the trust between the customer and company, people didn’t want to believe ads, due to the bot frauds.

However, in the past couple of years, many of these problems were taken care of. Today, in-app advertising is on the rise again, because there are a lot of major players on the market, so creating a valid campaign is much easier and more important, if you want to stay alive amongst business giants.

6. Podcasts Are the Future of Audio Marketing

When it comes to audio marketing, it looks like its future is quite bright. Why do you think that is? Well, there are more audio marketing options for marketers nowadays, of course.

One of the on-the-rise things in that area are podcasts. More than 51% of the residents in the United States claim that they enjoy listening to all kinds of podcasts.

Podcasts are really useful to them when they are not in their homes, for instance when traveling to work or on vacation.

This means companies can invest in audio marketing and use podcasts as a very effective distribution channel to reach out to their audience.

7. 5G Will Change the World

Conspiracy theories aside, 5G will definitely bring some of the most important changes in mobile marketing.

With improved latency, connection, and speed, the overall mobile internet experience will become much more enjoyable which means that even more people will continue to use mobile phones as their main source of information.

There are already a good number of mobile phones which are using 5G tech which means that companies that manage to take early advantage of this will profit in the long run.


There we go, folks!

Those were the 7 most popular mobile marketing trends for your business which you can use to improve your business standings and attract more potential customers.

by Alexander Hunkin
source: SiteProNews