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7 ways to drive traffic to your website

A business is nothing with customers and in order to get them, they must first build their audience using website traffic. Below are ways on you can increase the traffic to your website.

  1. Get listed

There are a ton of free online directories available where you can have your business listed. These sites will require a site link in every profile. The more active the profile is – meaning the more people visit it, click on the link, and leave reviews – the more traffic will be funelled to the website. Also, most of these directories are favored heavily by search engine algorithms so businesses have a high chance of ranking when it comes to relevant searches.

  1. Build your backlinks

Backlinks are links to your site from other websites. Such links coming from complementary businesses or other influencers within the industry can attract a large group of audience. It will can also help drive valuable traffic to your website. In addition, search engines like Google and rank checker sites favor backlinks and will rank your site higher on their search results page if it sees that other sites point back to yours.

  1. Use social media

Social media is not just for the casual internet user; it has become a hub where consumers and entrepreneurs meet to exchange goods, ideas, opinions, and the like. The divide between online retails and social media is getting narrower with almost all businesses having a dedicated page or profile on popular social media platforms. A profile that has gathered enough of a following is one way to ensure the success of the business.

  1. Don’t forget hashtags

On the same thread, you shouldn’t forget to use hashtags when you’re posting content on your brand’s social media page. Hashtags aren’t just trivial features that users use to add meaning to their posts. It is a useful way to track important topics. A unique hashtag can inform your audience on current news and updates about your brand. And it’s a great way to extend reach and be discovered by others who are searching for products like yours.

  1. Landing pages

Another source of free traffic is through landing pages. These are pages that serve a specific purpose which usually carries the business’ call to action. It is in these pages that promo codes are offered, tells users to download a free eBook or PDF, or to start a trial. The details in landing pages encourages users to press forward and convert. Since the information in these pages are specific, you are allowed to use targeted words in your message which helps to boost traffic to your site.

  1. Traffic plans

Services like those provided by RapidHits are very specific at increasing traffic to websites. Although paid, such services have become common among medium- to large-scale businesses who want to ensure their spot within search engine results page are maintained. Plans by RapidHits were made easy and convenient, only requiring a few clicks to avail.

  1. Emai lives

Email marketing continues to be a driving force when it comes to boosting website traffic. It is through this channel that regular newsletters and current offers can be shared to targetted audiences. Links can be featured about the brand to inform audiences what the company is about and possible new products and services.