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Benefits of digital display advertising for businesses

Digital display advertising can be really beneficial for businesses when used properly due to the fact that businesses are now able to create targeted contents for targeted audiences at the right time and place such as on another website or even search engines; businesses are now able to digitally display their advertisement(s) through other-related businesses . So, what is Digital display advertising? Digital display advertising is referring to advertising that has text, logos, and pictures or images.

The first example would be a local daycare displaying its advertisement through a local newspaper company like Beacon Media News. When both parents are way too busy with their jobs and have no one to help them taking care of their baby during the day, they might find it useful as they visit the publication site such as Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly, Pasadena Independent, and Sierra Madre Weekly in the morning and see a local daycare’s advertisement on it, especially when the newspaper has a whole article written about the specific daycare. Furthermore, this could help the daycare even more when those parents start spreading the word to their friends, which happen to be parents as well.

Another example would be a dog walking and sitting service app displaying its advertisement through a pet blog or forum site in order to increase the brand awareness. As a dog walking and sitting service app, you might want to create the right content for the right people at the right time so that these dog owners could come across your business while doing some research about their dogs (i.e. behavioral problems such as biting).

Dog owners often have busy schedules that they could not find the time to walk or even play with their dogs on daily basis. As a dog owner, I could say that walking the dog is the most essential part of the day because without the proper exercises, dogs could easily get frustrated, which often leads to aggressive and unwanted behaviors. This is where your advertising comes in handy, as it puts your business (the solution) in front of the audience that has the problem.

In conclusion, digital display advertising could be really beneficial for businesses when they use it properly; meaning having the right contents for the right target audiences at the right time and place. This way, it will be easier for businesses to create brand awareness since most, if not all, consumers are always on the Internet.

by Kevin Giovani
source: Moonrovia Weekly