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How to promote your content through email

If you’re a content creator you know that it’s a noisy world out there and that you need to spend at least an equal amount of time promoting your content and getting it out there as you do creating it. No matter how...

3 easy steps to grow your email list

Email marketing doesn’t work unless you build a list of people who are interested in your products or services. Email marketing doesn’t work unless you build a list of people to send messages to who are...

4 ways you can build your email list

These four sources can help you raise the number of readers you have for your email content and marketing messages. Let’s review how you can use direct mail (self-mailers and post­cards), conventions, meet-ups and...

6 email metrics you have to track

If you track nothing else, be sure to track these numbers to find out how effective your email campaigns are. There are half a dozen key metrics that you should keep track of to determine how well your...