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How to make marketing more magical and powerful

We, humans, are complex, messy and varied. A cosmos of 7.9 billion individuals with unique personalities, mindsets and emotions. Even identical twins are different. The outcome of...

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

What’s Conventional Advertising and marketing? Conventional Advertising and marketing is an offline type of advertising and marketing by which platforms like print media, radio,...

5 Ways to Successfully Handle Negative Reviews

Reviews are an essential part of doing business, you can’t escape them, and if you do your job the right way you can even turn them into a powerful tool that will help your...

How to Build a Marketing-Driven Company Culture

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels What role does marketing play in your company culture? Generally speaking, marketing is important for two reasons. First, companies need to make...

5 CX myths that can destroy brand reputation

In the last several years, the rise of customer experience as the main focus of most digital marketing campaigns has resulted in the proliferation of various CX myths. Many...

4 Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to tell their management team how they’re feeling at work. That means all the positive AND...
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5 Steps Towards Better Employee Engagement

Your favorite employee comes in every morning at 9 a.m. sharp, always smiling. He wishes you a good morning and gets right to work. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, right? But...