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10 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Most small business owners face this dilemma at one time or another: How to create a successful marketing campaign that generates revenue advertising without breaking the bank....

The seven deadly sins of Digital Marketing

Marketers are still making basic faux pas when it comes to a digital strategy. Having started my digital career back in the bubble years of the late 1990s, I have seen, and...

How your PPC Strategy is like gardening

I just transplanted a bunch of eggplant seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. Now they need water. Not enough, and they wither and die. Too much, and they rot. Timing is...

4 key SEO tactics for every small business

SEO management is often viewed as a confusing, difficult, and sometimes tedious undertaking by many small business owners. The very essence of SEO is constantly morphing and...

Tips to Help You Identify and Nurture Customers

Businesses can often become so focused on profit and loss, they lose sight of the fact that the best measure of their success is their customers. If you want a true assessment...

Why is Digital Marketing Growing so Slowly?

Even though it may seem like digital is growing at a quick pace, marketers still need to move faster in order to get a step ahead of consumers. When I tell people I’m a digital...