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Content tip that helps you get more links

I’ve experienced extraordinary success with several content and link campaigns that employed a minor change to the content. I discovered this effect by accident many years ago. What I do is feature what I call a Voice of Authority in the content. Adding a quote from someone who is known or respected helps the article gain credibility and gain more links.

Topical Content and Authority Help Earn More Links

In the early twentieth century there was an art movement called Surrealism. It was founded on the belief that juxtaposing objects not commonly associated with each other enhances how the viewer perceives them. Surrealists found that putting them together they created a spark.

That’s the idea behind the Salvador Dali paintings of melting clocks or the men with umbrellas falling from the sky by René Magritte.

In this method, I discovered that creating content that has a topical relevance for the people or organizations I want a link from helped get a link. But I also discovered that having a quote in the article by someone they might know or who is authoritative gave a boost to the link building success rate.

Trust and Enthusiasm Improves Link Building

I believe that adding a voice of authority to an article that had topical relevance to the people and organizations I wanted a link from made that content more trustworthy.

The combination of topically relevant content and a trusted authority created a spark. People seemed to be more enthusiastic about the content.

Trustworthiness makes people open to liking your content. Enthusiasm is a key to getting more links.

Who are Voices of Authority?

An example might be if you’re writing an article about fire safety. Anyone can research and write an article about that. But if your article features a photo and a quote by a fire chief, the entire article is elevated to a higher level of authority and trustworthiness.

Authors, professors, leaders of industry organizations, personalities who are well known in a niche are great people to contribute to your article.

For example, during your research you may find that a certain person is well respected by those you want a link from. Obtaining a quote from that person will make your article more link worthy. Those who already respect that person will see them on your page and in my experience, obtaining links becomes easier.

This is How to Get More Links

If your link building is stuck, you may want to take a look at your content and freshen it up with a voice of authority. You may find that this will give the content the spark that makes it shine and attract more links.

by Roger Montti
source: SEJ