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Infographic Resumés from LinkedIn Profiles

So you’ve created your visual resume with one click and customized your colors and theme. Before you call it a day, you might want to tweak your LinkedIn page to get the most out of your profile.


Be selective about what experience you list

One of the main benefits of a LinkedIn page is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one page, unlike a resume. You can actually list as many jobs and internships as you want. However, you might still want to be a little more selective and choose only the most significant parts of your experience. Not only will your experience chart look less cluttered, your visual resume will appear more focused and be easier to read.

Avoid gaps in employment history

Like with a traditional resume, you want to avoid huge gaps in you experience timeline. But it’s way more obvious when it’s visualized! Edit your experience in LinkedIn so that you don’t have a big empty space in the middle of your chart.


Your education chart needs more than one column

This is my extremely sad education visualization. Either add in other education you have received in your LinkedIn profile, or select a theme that lumps education in with your experience (themes “Lola” or “CMYKay” are best for this).


Connect with more people on LinkedIn

Be proactive and start searching for old classmates, coworkers, and friends to connect with. Not only is this something you should do to help yourself and your career, your stats will look better. Who wants to hire someone who looks like they could only find five people to connect with?

You don’t have to show every single recommendation.

If you’ve received a lot of recommendations (good for you!), less is more when it comes to your resume. After all, you’ve decided to go with a visual resume because you want less writing and clutter, amiright? Manage your recommendations and select to show only the ones that really count.


Finish your LinkedIn profile

Don’t be lazy. Fill out sections such as skills, interests, volunteer experience, etc. The more comprehensive your LinkedIn profile is, the better your visual resume captures who you are.



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