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Customer Experience Analytics for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Do you evaluate everything in your business based on the “sold” column? Meaning, is that the only way you judge success (or failure)—by how much you’ve sold and how impressive those numbers are? If that is, in fact, the case, then you’re not getting yourself a very well-rounded view of your business. Numbers are fine, and they’re useful in some situations, but they’re not everything, not by any stretch of the imagination.

For example, you may have sold a customer something, but the sale doesn’t tell you how the customer feels about it and what that customer is telling other people about you and the product. The number doesn’t tell you what the various steps in the customer journey were like for that person—were there stumbling blocks and points that they thought about abandoning the journey? If that’s the case, then those are particular points that must be paid attention to. How else do you map out and fix the customer journey? This graphic explains it.

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Customer Experience Analytics For Every Step of the Customer Journey

Via Salesforce