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Easy ways to increase your conversion rates

To succeed in any industry today, a strong virtual presence is just as important as your physical business. Setting up a website that will reflect well on your organization is a huge undertaking and needs the best possible input from the initial design to the right digital marketing strategies. One of the first things you need to think about is conversion rates to ensure as many visitors as possible become paying customers.

Business website Forbes ran an article on the huge impact that just a small increase in conversions can have on the overall profitability of your business. If you can turn more “lookers” into “buyers,” then that extra revenue is going straight onto the bottom line.

Here are some simple tips for improving conversions and driving your business forward.

A Clear Value Proposition

Give your visitors every reason to convert into customers. This means making it abundantly clear to them why and how you will satisfy their need, solve their problem or answer their question by purchasing your product or service.

The value proposition should be screaming out to them from the moment they hit your landing page. If not, it only takes a second to hit the back button. Does your landing page give this sort of information, and encourage visitors to hang around and learn more?

Take a look at your competitors’ sites. How do their value propositions compare, and is there anything they are doing better?

Your value proposition needs to be unique, so focus on what you offer that your competitors do not.

Building Trust and Credibility

In any walk of life, you will not get far if people do not trust you. Your website is the online shopfront for your business, so it needs to be professional and on-brand.

Add new updates and content regularly, so that your site is living and breathing. By posting fresh, relevant and interesting content, you will attract more visitors and build a stronger reputation.

Ensure you provide contact details so that people can see your physical presence too. Photographs and biographies of key team members can add to that personal approach.

Encourage Conversion

Provide clear and intuitive calls to action, to make it easy for visitors to click through. This means obvious buttons inviting them to buy, request more details, fill out a contact form or whatever else you want them to do.

Avoid too many distractions such as pop up ads and banners that might compete with your message and tempt visitors to click away from your site.

Keep at it

Monitor your conversions, using Google Analytics or a similar tool, and keep working at it. The world of digital marketing moves at a rapid rate, and what worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. So keep on top of it, and good luck!

by Jackie Edwards
source: SiteProNews