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Facebook ads tool for Professionals

Companies who use Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising to drive business, through direct response or branding, are constantly looking to improve ROI and productivity – which is precisely the purpose of Qwaya.

If you, just like most of our customers, used to depend on Facebook ads manager or Facebook power editor you will know what we are talking about. If you’re sophisticated enough to have started looking for alternatives to the free tools from Facebook but don’t think the enterprise solutions are worth the money, well, check this out:


Qwaya at a glance

  • Schedule your campaign running times
  • Automate campaigns with rules
  • Google analytics plug’n play
  • Easily create new Facebook ad variations
  • Save your work in templates
  • Organize ad campaigns with folders


Connect everything from Facebook

Collect all your Facebook assets in Qwaya by connecting multiple Facebook user accounts. All your ad accounts, Pages, Apps and Events in one place.


Google analytics plug ’n play

Use your goals from Google Analytics to track campaign and ad performance on any KPI – Goals, Conversions, Transactions, Revenue. You choose.

No tech skills needed. Simply add your Google Analytics credentials to Qwaya and you’re all set. Great way of comparing Facebook campaign performance to other channels.


Efficient campaign management

Qwaya is built by people with real experience from digital advertising and our mission is to refine that experience into the most powerful yet intuitive Facebook ads tool available. It should be no surprise that the productivity enhancing aspects of Qwaya are highly valued by our customers – especially by those accustomed to the Facebook ad manager and Power Editor.


Optimize your Facebook advertising workflow with templates

Save ads and target audiences in templates to streamline your workflow. This way you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again.


Structure your work in Folders

Place campaigns and templates in dedicated folders to get a structured overview. Saves a lot of time when you need to keep campaigns separated for different markets or product categories etc – or just want to keep the clutter away to focus on one Facebook ads campaign at at time.


Graphical reporting

Get a quick overview of your campaign performance and spot trends early to optimize return. Easily drill down from campaign to ad level graphs to identify winning and losing marketing message and target audience combinations.


Share work with your team

Share ads and audience targetings across one Qwaya account. All team members can contribute and reuse work done by others. All users gets the same view of campaign folders and reporting interface.