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RapidHits DSP

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How it Works

The RapidHits DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers to manage and optimize their digital advertising campaigns across multiple ad exchanges, networks, and publishers in a centralized platform. RapidHits DSP gives advertisers access to vast inventory, including push notification ads, pop-under ads, display ads, native ads, and more. It also allows them to target specific audiences based on demographics, behavior, interests, and more.

Why it Works

20 000+
300 000+

Visitor Targeting Options

Ciblage géographique

Recevoir des visiteurs de spécifiques
countries, states or cities.

Category Targeting

Ciblez votre produit ou service pour
secteurs ou sujets spécifiques.

Ciblage du navigateur

Obtenez des visiteurs à partir de navigateurs spécifiques
ou dressez une liste d'exclusion.

Ciblage des appareils

Cibler les mobiles, les tablettes et les ordinateurs de bureau
appareils via les systèmes d’exploitation.

Ciblage de domaine

Recevez du trafic ciblé
domain names and sources only.

Ciblage d'applications

Faire une liste blanche et recevoir des visiteurs
à partir d'applications ciblées uniquement.

Carrier Targeting

Target audience by specific
carriers and Wi-Fi connections.

Supply Targeting

Run your campaigns on Web
or In-app inventory types.

Campaign Optimization Tools

Objectifs de la campagne

Set goals by impressions, clicks, site engagement and conversions.

Suivi des conversions

Add the script code to your website
and track the conversions instantly.

Click Referrer

Brand the traffic referrer source with
your own domain or subdomain.

Cost Metrics

Create CPV or CPM advertising campaigns for any budget.

Source Sampling

Select how many visitors to receive
per source and for how long.

Partenaires fournisseurs

Include or exclude specific SSPs from
the advertising campaigns.

GA Integration

Connect and collect data with Google Analytics using macros.

Source Filters

Specify the traffic sources you want to block or allow for the campaigns.

Export Data

Download traffic reports in CSV
format for the last 90 days.

Traffic Estimator

See in real-time where your campaign stands in the network.

Quality Traffic

Get only brand-safe traffic using IAS, Forensiq and ADSCORE filters.

Video Filters

Get traffic from Flash, HTML5 and
WebGL compatible browsers.

Rapports en temps réel

Obtenez des statistiques en temps réel sur les clics,
CTR, impressions and more.

Flight Dates

Schedule the start and end dates
of advertising campaigns.

IP Blocking

Import whitelist and blacklist of IP addresses into the campaigns.

Budget Control

Set daily and total budget for your advertising campaigns.

Publicité programmatique

Programmatic advertising is a form of digital advertising that uses algorithms to automate the buying and selling of ad space. It allows advertisers to target specific audiences and track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real time.

One of the main benefits of programmatic advertising is that it allows for more efficient and effective ad targeting. Because programmatic advertising uses data and algorithms to target specific audiences, it can be more effective at reaching the right people than traditional forms of advertising.

RapidHits programmatic advertising can be more cost-effective than traditional ad networks because it allows advertisers to connect and bid on multiple ad spaces in real-time, which can help to get better prices.

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