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Going viral is overrated — practical advice on SaaS marketing

Make Sure to Play Your Marketing Strategies to Maximum Advantage!

Going viral is phenomenal. One day you are unknown, and the next trending in every possible media platform. In a few weeks, your piece has been turned to memes and even slogan to running campaigns. But with going viral, there is one setback — unpredictability. Thus, you must have SaaS marketing strategies in place to succeed.

Going viral is now the norm. Every content creator today is in the race of producing the next big thing. It is a constant quest in the invention of something that will unexpectedly break the Internet. But if the history of the most trending topics serves us right, we can learn one valuable thing on content that went viral; it is never intentional. Whoever trended was going about their business and boom! Instant fame.

You see, with enterprise, the chances of virality are slim, and so marketing takes up that role of spreading the word. Well, with SaaS marketing, a lot has to be accomplished since going with the times is a long shot. In this text, you will be shown a few fundamental guidelines on how you can implement a functional marketing plan with powerful marketing strategies. Read on to find out.

Consider Product Trials

So many businesses are using product trials to gain clients. Here, you give your leads a taste of the experience before they get to purchase your product or service. Test drives as a SaaS marketing strategy bear fruits. First, a customer will gain knowledge and second  trust. And having the opportunity to partake on a limited offered product trial, they feel catered to and will most probably go for it.

This strategy is particularly useful in the tech world, where users get to use your app or website for a limited amount of time before purchasing the full version. A word of caution, though, verify that before offering a product trial, it is seamless. And even if there are glitches, make sure that the support team is there to fix it promptly. This is very helpful in getting feedback, hence a practical marketing strategy.

Prioritize Search Engine Optimization

In any marketing class, you will never miss the term SEO, ever! And the reason is that most times when new businesses get into the marketing mix, they get overwhelmed with other things, putting SEO aside. That is a grave mistake that costs a lot of companies. With a great SEO plan, your target audience can get you in the blink of an eye. You will rank first on search engines, thus more traffic to your sites.

Be sure to pay close attention to on-page SEO, where it depends on the content you post. The photos, videos, and text must be optimized for proper network marketing. This you can control easily. Now, on the off-page SEO, you must be sure to do everything right. The links you post should be connecting to authoritative sites as those are the ones with better exposure. Such sites are like Wikipedia, Lifehack, and Forbes, to mention a few.

Look Into Adopting Content Marketing

Have you ever come across a SaaS by the name of Dropbox, Hubspot, or Moz? What did you notice about those sites? One thing very noticeable is there is content left, right, and center. Every route you take, you are lead to a whole new world. Simply loading these websites makes you crave for more. And the secret is content marketing.

They lock into a few characteristics that play into the psychology of the human brain. One, their sites are very charming. Two, they convert their visitors to regular users by showing you why you need them, and a subscription will be worth your while. Three, they close by easing you into their world. They start with free trials, discounts, and before you know it, you cannot do without them. Four, they work tooth and nail to retain their clients. Here they shower them with gifts, discounts, and exciting upgrades. Five, they delight in brand advocacy where they employ influential people, shows, or activities to represent them.

If you follow the five steps in your social media marketing, going viral will not matter. Consistency is key!

Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!

Let’s say you want to embark on the venture, similar to Book of Ra, what is the best way to do it? Alone or with another willing partner? Without any doubt, cooperation will bring in more leads than doing it alone. Collaborations work in favor of both, where you bring two completely different parties together into something similar. In the scenario mentioned above, two online casinos work on a game; Novoline online one of the collaborators will bring in its clients and link them with the other partner’s crew. Two birds, one stone.

Utilize Google AdWords

Whenever you come across any product Google has engineered, you know it is because of merit. And whenever you see the question of what is SaaS marketing, be sure that in one of the answers. Google AdWords plays a significant role in a lot of successful marketing companies. This paid advertising tool is utilized to optimize your content using AdWords. And the organization using them only pays whenever someone clicks on the ad generated by Google AdWords. This mutual benefit is what makes this tool very powerful. They do their part very well, as their income is dependent on it.

In a nutshell, AdWords work faster when compared to SEO. It acts into increasing brand awareness, reaches more people, reconnects with others, ensures performance consistency, and tackles your competition better. In the simplest of terms, it guides you through the whole marketing process.


Having the privilege of going viral is satisfying, but what is even better is sticking in the game for longer. Indeed the fifteen minutes of fame in the marketing world may reap some success, but proper SaaS marketing strategies will work wonders. Your business will have a constant rise and a continuous graph of progress, whereas a viral case will rise fast and fall just as quickly. You also remain relevant for a very long time. The growth may take a while, but once you get on top, the view will be great, and you will get to enjoy it as long as you follow the advice given in this article. If you have some questions on how to carry out SaaS Marketing, drop us a comment!

by Thomas Glare

Author Bio: Thomas Glare is an enthusiastic blogger with great experience in the world of digital advertising. He regularly provides insightful content to various individuals interested in acing their digital marketing skills.