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How to use wikipedia for your personal branding

Before discussing the idea of Wikipedia for Personal Branding, it is important to know the exact meaning of Personal Branding and its importance.

What is Personal Branding?

Earlier, Personal Branding was not as popular, as it is today; all it involved was, having a simple business card.

In the present day, the tables have turned, and Personal Branding is heard in every niche, more than the regular marketing or the overall business promotion.

Personal Branding may be pretty easy, or difficult, based on the competition that exists in a particular niche.

Coming to its exact definition, it is a process by which, the businessmen, entrepreneurs, and individuals who wish to become a known name, differentiate themselves by stating or articulating their Unique Value Proposition, either professional or personal or both.

In the next stage, it is leveraged across various platforms like, social media, reputed sites, etc., with a consistent message and image, to achieve a specific goal.

With Personal Branding one can increase his/her recognition as a face of their brand, or as an expert in a particular field, enjoy the reputation, can appear more credible to the clients, excel in their career at a faster rate, and lastly, help their company have better business, and become powerful, in the market.

This process of self-positioning was spoken of, for the first time, in the book, “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937, by Napoleon Hill.

For an individual, to establish, as a brand, three things, are necessary, and those are-

1. Value Proposition – what does that individual, stand for?

2. Differentiation – How is that particular individual, different from others?

3. Marketability – Good reasons for an individual to be marketed?

So, now can Wikipedia, help you with personal branding, with respect to all the points, mentioned above? The simple answer is YES.

How exactly, you will be helped by your Wikipedia page, is actually pretty interesting.

Taking your reputation, authenticity, prestige, and credibility to a different level, is actually very easy, when you have a Wiki page, doing all the talking, on your behalf.

More elaboration on the benefits offered

1. A Wikipedia page will help you establish your expertise, in your field.

he first step towards, establishing your expertise is to know, what exactly is that, you want people, to know you for.

This is a little sensitive, as every niche as its own competition, and knowing that before establishing your expertise, will help you better. A wiki page can do your job easy, as it instantly puts you on the first page, for search queries related to the experts in your field.

2. Reaching heights is a lot easy, with a Wiki page.

If you are one whose wish is to make it big in your career, become a face of your brand, or get known as an expert, apart from working hard, there is something else, and that is telling people about your achievement, which will let them know, what you are made of. And, the quickest way for that, is to have a Wikipedia page.

3. Wikipedia is an authority

It is an online encyclopedia, people! Most of the internet users believe what is on Wikipedia, than what they see on your personal websites, or what their read on social media. This is what makes Wikipedia the shortest route for successful personal branding.

After knowing how a Wikipedia page can help you with your personal branding, it is now time to know, how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Wikipedia page creation is a process with simple steps and stringent rules. What makes us call the Wikipedia rules, as stringent? The basic rule laid by Wikipedia is, Wikipedia does not entertain any kind promotion on its pages.

Now, let’s look into the normal tendency, we humans have, and that is self-promotion. The more we know about something or someone, the more our content about them, becomes promotional. And, it is not any different in the case of self-creation of Wiki page, for yourself. Even when you manage to create a non-promotional content, that content having a neutral tone is also important.

So, what becomes your best option?

The best option, to get your Wiki page created, is to hire an expert. When you opt for organizations that offer Wikipedia page creation service, the professional and experienced writers from here will be creating content for you, that will be in compliance with all the rules laid by the Wikipedia.

The best part, when you hire the experts is that you will have better control over the content that appears on your Wikipedia page. With the professional writers hired for your Wikipedia page, you can even minimize the risk of your Wiki page deletion.

by Santhej Kallada
source: CareerMetis