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Improving revenue with programmatic advertising

PETALING JAYA: As more companies are looking to different avenues to increase their advertising revenue, programmatic advertising offers a different route in light of the competitive environment.

Eyeota general manager Priya Khatri said that in programmatic advertising, data played a crucial role in helping brands humanise their engagement with customers and build more meaningful relationships.

“Harnessing the right data enables brands to reach out and connect with the right customers at the right time,” she said in an interview with StarBizWeek.

Programmatic advertising is a platform which allows for media to be exchanged using data and intent to create targeted, personalised advertising experiences for consumers.

Priya heads the programmatic data sales, data supplier and publisher acquisition across Eyeota’s Asia region.

She has extensive knowledge in digital marketing and advertising, and is a major driving force behind Eyeota’s growth in South-East Asia.

Priya said the lack of confidence in an advertisers’ data is one of the leading challenges in this field.

“Data is the cornerstone of digital advertising and can be used for a variety of applications such as generating awareness, finding new and prospective customers, uncovering insights about audiences and increasing the lifetime value of existing customers. But not all data is created equal,” she said.

“More than ever, advertisers need confidence in the data they use to reach customers. They need to know that the data they are using targets the right audience and that it is privacy-compliant.”

She added that the industry as a whole is ballooning rapidly although there seemed to be some growing pains associated with this expansion.

“As an industry, we need to help break down barriers that cause marketers to pause,” she said, along with advocating continued education that clearly explained and defined the various types of data sets, data collection methodologies, pricing differences and data strategies.

by Tennielle Chua
source: The Star Online