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Piani di traffico web

Start ready-made advertising campaigns without any hassle.

Why Choose Web Traffic Plans

Traffic Plans and Pricing

Traffico del sito web

Traffico del sito web

Aumenta il traffico del tuo sito web con annunci pop-under premium. $1 starting from

Traffico mobile

Traffico mobile

Ricevi traffico pop-under mobile da dispositivi iOS e Android. $2 starting from

Spingi il traffico

Spingi il traffico

Aumenta il traffico del tuo sito web con annunci con notifiche push di alto livello. $5 starting from

Traffico del pubblico

Traffico del pubblico

Attira più traffico al tuo sito web con gli annunci pop-under e push. $10 starting from

How to Get Started with Web Traffic Plans

RapidHits PPC experts will build, test, measure, and optimize your advertising campaigns
to deliver consistent results for you month over month. Scale up your ad spend
as you grow your business and measure your ROI in real-time.

Submit a New Order

Add to the cart and submit your order for review.

Wait for the Approval

Our team will review your order within 24 hours.

Subscribe and Activate

Pay the order and activate the PPC campaign.

Campaign Settings and Features

Unique Visitors

Get new visitors every 24 hours.

Targeting geografico

Target campaigns by countries.

Targeting per dispositivo

Target by desktop or mobile devices.

Targeting del browser

Get visitors from specific browsers.

Rapporti in tempo reale

Get traffic statistics in real-time.

100% Money Back

We offer 7 days full money refund.

Brand-Safe Traffic

Receive traffic from safe sources.

Rapid Restart

Renew traffic plans with one click.

Upgrade Your Ad Campaigns

Elevate your pay-per-click campaign result with our additional services.

Search Engine Optimization

Starting from $195 /m

Banner Set Design

Starting from $120

Progettazione della pagina di destinazione

Starting from $150

Costruendo collegamenti

Starting from $75 /m

Lead Generation

Starting from $280 /m

Social Media Management

Starting from $180 /m

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find your answer here, please visit our Support Center.

Yes, there’s no problem.

We generate traffic from our partnered SSP connections.

Yes, our traffic is completely safe with AdSense.

Yes, you can advertise adult websites.

Yes, there are no restrictions. You can have both videos and sounds playing on your website.

Yes, you can run all mainstream offers in any pricing models.

No, the payments are made manually by advertisers only.

You can deposit your advertising balance with:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Crypto payments
  • Bank Transfers

The minimum deposit amount is $5.

You can contact our finance department at

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