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Live Website Stats on iPhone & Android

Hit Sniffer is a suite of powerful, easy to use website analytics tools that provide real time statistics. It is ideal for lead generation statistics and it measures the effectiveness of your web performance, from PPC to SEO. Presenting ready and real time observation of web site traffic, no experience is required!

Visitor Identity

Enhance your reporting by tagging each visitor with a specified name or description. Label your visitors with a username, email, company, ID number or any other known value you like! Track all your visitors.

Real-time Activity Monitor

Watch your visitor stream live! And instantly see what is happening on your site, see current online visitors, how they come in, how long they stay and which page they are looking at. Just sit back and enjoy watching the live show from your website!

Live Dashboard

This is your control panel for your real time website statistics. The Live Dashboard is where we provide you with the real time website analytics and tracking of your Online Visitors. Find out what country they are from, how they found you and what page they are looking at and much more all in one page. We will also show you how many visitors are on your site, how many page views you have had, recent traffic sources and search keywords and a Geo location map.

Recent Visitors

What if someone visits your site and you are not monitoring in real time? Will you miss this visitors actions on your website? No way! Recent visitors allows you to view your visitor’s information and exactly what they did whilst on your site. Every click and action ( Downloads, Clicking on External Links ) will be logged here and you can choose to go back in time using our unlimited daterange selector.

Keyword Analytics, Recent Searches

See what search terms are being used on the search engines to find your site. This is an invaluable tool as it shows you exactly what your site visitors have been searching for. Traffic from search engines is the lifeblood of most websites and blogs. This tool allows you to view the keywords used to reach your site, ranked by their popularity. This can help you identify keywords that are working, and those that aren’t, so that you can optimize them accordingly. And Of course, you can also view detail on a keyword to view specific visitors who used that keyword, and again view their detail them for more information about them.

Social Network Tracking

We also provide a full suite of reporting tools for Facebook, Twitter and Mentions. You can attach your own or a company Facebook or Twitter account to be monitored. Traffic stats, likes, retweets will also be shown. With Facebook we all provide full demographics of who is viewing your profile! Mention is something different, with mentions you can set your keyphrases that you wish to target, say that you have a blog called and you use as a keyphrase, we will show you every single mention of relating to you in our social media mentions section.


Indepth Traffic Sources

If you are a company, an SEO company or a digital marketing company then this is a must have as you really need to know where your traffic is coming from. Is it from social media, blogs, advertising campaigns or from straight organic SEO and organic rankings in the search engines? Guess what, no need to guess as we show this data to you.

Top Keywords

This is an interesting feature. Would you like to know what key words or key phrases are driving traffic to your site? We certainly need to know and any serious webmaster must also know. Here we show you exactly what keywords are working for you and those that are not performing so well. The real time keyword tracking feature is ideal for those interested in making money online via affiliate sales, those performing seo work and webmasters in general.

Entry/Exit Page Reporting

This is another amazing feature that we give to you. Again for those involved in marketing the entry or landing page is crucial. You need to make sure that if you are spending money on online advertising that it is effective, a poor landing page will mean that your customers have to search your site again to find what they are looking for. Exit Page reporting is the most important feature out of all the real time website tracking features. It is crucial for any webmaster to know what the last page viewed was before a visitor left. The exit page can tell you that there is an issue with your site. The real time exit page tracking feature will display every page that your visitors are exiting your site from.

Email Reporting

We decided to include this feature for those of you who do not have the time to monitor your sites in real time. You can select to have your reports emailed to a specified address daily, weekly, monthly or not at all. The email report contains the following: Number of online visitors, Number of visitors, number of hits, number of page views, search engines used, top key-phrases, top referral sites, average time a visitor spends on your site, top pages and much more.

Data is King, Detailed Visitors Information

You can ‘zoom in’ on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, and most importantly, what link reffered them to your site and their navigation path through your site. You can view recent visitors and click the magnifying glass beside each to zoom in on them. Detailed reports are very powerful tools, and one of the most advanced features Hit Sniffer offers. It allows you to view details of everything on your stats and view visitors relating to them – because you can view the in-depth detail on many of the stats Hit Sniffer offers. This kind of information is invaluable for optimizing your most important pages and driving traffic to them.

Multiple Site & User Management

Hit Sniffer offers the ability to manage multiple websites from one account, you can manage your stats for them all from one account. Your blog, personal Websites, business Websites, all in one place. Easily navigate between them using the drop box on the stats pages. My Sites/Overview page allows you know about all your websites at a glance once you login to your Hit Sniffer. Total Graph show you sum of all your websites stats at a glance. User Management allows you to provide access to your account for multiple other users. To use this feature. Login to your account. Goto Preferences page and add new user.

Download & External Link Tracking

Hit Sniffer Tracking will automatically track your download links. Just head over pages > downloads and you will see list of downloaded files from your website. Ever wonder how many clicks you are sending to sites that you linked from your website? Hit Sniffer track all External Links for you and you can view them in Referral External Links Section.

Live Map

It is Ajax-based to automatically refresh which will show your current online visitors location using our accurate city-wide geolocation service on earth map. You can drag and zoom.

iPhone, iPad & Android Support

Hit Sniffer website is supported on iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices with full features. It is like having a spy cam on your website that you can always see what is happening. Hit Sniffer also has a simple generic version for those old WAP devices.

Invisible Counters

Hit Sniffer provide both dynamic widget and invisible tracking. It allows all users to install an invisible counter on their site. This is important if you wish to include Hit Sniffer code on your site without it interrupting the design of your site.