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Making A Splash With Your Digital Marketing Campaign: Why It’s Important And How You Achieve It

A digital presence is no longer a novelty: it’s a necessity. Traditional marketing methods are no longer the only way to consumers’ hearts (and pockets). If your business wants to get the attention of potential customers and retain current ones, a digital marketing campaign is essential.

The estimated spend on digital adverts is set to hit over $15 billion, according to major financial institution Barclays Bank, and the global market is estimated at a whopping $111 billion. As more companies gravitate towards the use of digital mediums and more consumers use social platforms as verification tools, it is more important than ever to be present in the digital marketing world and make a splash doing it.

Why You Need To Market In The Digital Sphere – And Do It Well

According to an Ofcom report, consumers spend over 24 hours each week online. This signifies the increasing reliance and inclusion of the internet and digital tools in our lives.

It has become a reference point, which means that leaving a good recommendation is no longer done in the traditional word of mouth sense. It is now done by leaving reviews on company websites and video platforms that are viewed by millions of consumers worldwide.

Approximately 94 percent of consumers check online reviews before making their purchasing decisions, and 91 percent of them say they use search engines to find information on the web. There’s no denying it: consumers’ have gone digital, and to have the best chance of your ad campaign producing results, your marketing strategy needs to have a digital element too.

Finally, the digital marketing landscape is a competitive one, as many other companies like yours realize the same thing and jump onto the bandwagon to vie for consumers’ attention. Therefore, it is not enough to have a digital marketing campaign; you must have one that is unique and sets your business apart from the others.

Why Leadership Is Key To Doing Digital Marketing Well

Essentially, it is now more important to make the right impression and do so the first time. This is where your leadership skills will come into play. Leadership in digital marketing lends itself to many facets of the business and your overall marketing strategy.

Good communication skills can help both upper and lower levels of management grasp the value of digital marketing so that there is cohesiveness and not contrasting opinions as the company launches its strategy.

Leadership skills can also help to foster and disperse knowledge and skills amongst employees that will make them successful in the digital world, including knowing how to leverage data collected from platforms and research. Becoming a good leader will foster followers.

Translated to the digital marketing realm, this means equipping yourself and employees with the right skills and tools to use the digital world to translate into sales and finally, varying your leading approach according to phases, positions and the kind of leader you wish to be.

Now that the need for a digital marketing campaign has been established, the focus turns to formulating the right digital marketing campaign – i.e. one that is successful in its goals.

Any marketer will agree: a good marketing campaign grabs attention and is able to translate that digital attention into tangible sales. After all, that is the end goal of a marketing campaign: brand awareness and sales. To do this, a few simple fundamentals should be followed.

Use Your Consumers’ Wants As A Foundation For Your Campaign

A great start is by paying attention to the current trends that are popular among consumers. According to DigitalDonut, some of those trends predicted for the months and years to come include the use of voice search, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and content personalisation. According to Grand View Research, 45 percent of users prefer the use of Chatbots as a communication means.

This brings us to the first solid tip for standing out in your campaign: cater to your customer niche. Giving consumers what they want is always a winner. Here, the only difference is the tools that you achieve that goal with.

To do this, you must take the time to get to know your target market; only then can you safely know what it is they seek from a purchasing experience.

Make It Personal To Them

Secondly, personalize your content. According to marketing experts at, personalization is a big trend in 2022, and multiple studies have shown just how much consumers connect better with brands that go the extra mile to tailor their experiences.

Recently, Econsultancy’s reports showed that 93 percent of companies found an increase in conversion rates when using personalisation. Each point of contact with your customer (current and potential) should be differentiated.

Marketing automation tools are great for suggesting content based on browsing interest. Other small touches such as including customers’ names and the use of AI to create personalized suggestion emails can also help you connect with the customer. Additionally, personalization can boost the average value per order and your marketing ROI.

Finally, go mobile and make it a seamless transition. This means having your campaign across all platforms, including voice platforms, social media, and mobile ads. It also refers to not just having a presence on all platforms, but having similar content across them all.

Synchronized content, including adverts, sends a strong message and gets your point across. Make your campaign all about catering to the customers, and the results will reflect it.
by Rizwan Ahmad