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Manage Time Simply with Coolendar

We believe it is time for a new level of planning software. Something simple that works for you, without the noise of handling a calendar or tasks app.

coolendar is not only calendar or task app: it’s a whole new planning experience.


why is this different?

  1. Instead of these overhead matrix-like calendar views, now you have a simple list of your planning entries. That’s all you need, you will know why.
  2. Use custom #tags to get organized. Create group plans in a social way together with your @buddies.
  3. Efficient, error-proof and multiple alerts to find you wherever you are (e-mail, messenger, web, desktop, mobile, twitter).
  4. No more recurrence in your life: when you get notified about a planned event, you decide if you need to reschedule it or not. With one click.
  5. Forget durations: it’s a poison concept and doesn’t allow you to be concise and consistent. You just don’t need it.
  6. Smooth: just tell your coolendar when (date and time) and what, in human language. It will be understood, don’t worry.


coolendar is available everywhere

Coolendar Web
This one. The most complete planning experience. Just point a modern browser to and login with your Google Account. HTML5 and CSS3 guaranteed.

Coolendar Mobile
Our beautiful iPhone and Android native apps are available. For other mobile OS, go to or to get Coolendar right on your hand.

Coolendar for Amazon Kindle™
That’s right: we have an optimized version well suitable for your lovely Amazon Kindle™ with network capabilities. Point its browser to or go to if you are curious.

Coolendar for Google Talk
If you use Google Talk, invite and say help. We provide you a complete Coolendar experience right on your IM client. Coolendar for Google Talk will also remind you about your plans.

Coolendar for Email
Coolendar right from your email. Just send a message to with help as the subject. Just remember to use an email with a valid Google account, so you can login later.

Coolendar Where Else? You decide.
We are delivering new Coolendar integrations every time. For example, we currently working on Coolendar Paper and Twitter apps. Where else would you like to use it?!



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