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New Trends In Software Development

The advancement in software development is unstoppable. It keeps on growing every day in the software industry to serve the people in a better way. The year 2021 is about to end soon, and the software development industry is eagerly looking for some developments in their sphere. Due to the changing scenario of the customers, the software development sphere is constantly changing.

Some of the factors that contribute to these changes brought about in the software development industry can be:

  • New market trends
  • Ever-changing technology
  • New demands of businesses and consumers

This change in software development needs to be brought because a technological advancement that is predominant today may be obsolete tomorrow. So, to keep up with the market pace and shine amongst your competitors, it is essential to adopt these new trends in software development. However, if you are not entirely confident about it, you can hire any reliable PPC agency.

Top 10 latest software developments to be adopted in 2022

Following the latest software developments will help one progress in his business. Once you get into these technologies and software advancements, you can conduct your business smoothly and more organized. This is why we have cumulated a list of top ten software development trends that one needs to get his hands on.

  1. Internet of Things or IoT

It is known to all of us that the Internet of Things has come a long way. Every commodity is attached to sensors, from mobile devices to vehicles. These sensors help people track and monitor the data or gather the data at ease. So, it can be profoundly said that the Internet of Things has penetrated deeply into our daily lives. The Internet of Things has spread everywhere, from the products or mechanisms we use daily to the healthcare sector.

2. Low-code development

We all are aware of the work-from-home culture that has been practiced all over the world these days. For this reason, the demand for information technology has been enhanced by leaps and bounds. The software developers today comprehend and accept low-code development to speed up the process and carry out all the work thoroughly. Low-code development tools do not ask you to form a code for applying the application line by line.

3. Human augmentation

In the upcoming years, software developers expect to find advancement in the implantation of technologies into the human brain and body. The goal would be to bring in cognitive and physical improvements in the regular human experience. Hence, you will find wearables gaining popularity in the mining and manufacturing industries these days. Further, several companies are making it mandatory for their employees to wear microchips at their hands to conduct their regular work.

4. Augmented reality

For quite a long time, people had already expected massive success in 2020. Today augmented reality is ruling the digital world and will trend in 2022. Of course, new advancements will be brought up in it. One of the reasons behind the tremendous success of augmented reality is its application in various industries like navigation, retail, and manufacturing. Also, the increase in the use of social media has led business organizations to use augmented reality to create unique ads.

5. Virtual reality

With each passing day, the video and gaming industry is booming. Therefore, it can be expected that virtual reality is here to stay for the next few years. This is because virtual reality offers its users the first-hand experience of gaming. Also, the advanced computer visions give the users an experience of being a part of the game or video in person. Apart from the video and the gaming industry, virtual reality is also used in the education and training sector.

6. Mixed reality

Since smartphones have presented a significant revolution, another revolutionary strategy that will shake us in the upcoming days is the mixed reality. While we got access with the smartphones, we can expect to get visualization with the mixed reality. Let’s take an example here. If you look at Pokemon Go, you will get a real-time view of the actual surroundings presented with a combination of virtual objects.

7. Cloud-based solution

In all these years, business organizations have understood the need for data recovery, business availability, and high accessibility. This has been made possible by the on-premise solutions. However, companies have faced several restrictions due to these on-premise solutions. This is why they have moved on to cloud-based solutions. Even governmental organizations have felt the need to shift to cloud-based solutions.

8. Big data

Previously, big data emerged as an experiment. None thought about how compulsory and valuable it would become in the coming years. when the companies and business organizations began gathering a lot of benefits from the big data, they included big data in their regular activity. One of the most evident examples of big data is Netflix. They have used big data to understand the customers’ wants and built an utterly customer-oriented platform.

9. Artificial intelligence

For the last five years, artificial intelligence has been booming. There are various sub-categories in AI like machine learning, machine control, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networking. Over these years, all of these subsets of artificial intelligence have grown exponentially. For example, AI chatbots have replaced customer service and human assistance. In short, artificial intelligence has been successful enough to reduce human efforts.

10. Blockchain

After the emergence of digital currencies, the blockchain has become the town’s talk. Various financial sectors use blockchain extensively. This blockchain mechanism is used in different sectors like banking, media, publishing, and other software development areas. Since the blockchain works in a centralized manner, various public and private sectors accommodate blockchain technology.


To sum up, the IT industry is adopting various software development trends to enhance their business. So, it is essential to be aware of the latest software developments to help businesses grow more and be in a secured position. Although you may have to face some fluctuations, the general trend of these software developments points at the progression of the industries.

by Alan Mathew

Author Bio:

Alan Mathew is a content strategist at Brainvire e-commerce SEO services, based in New York. He is a digital nomad, traveling the world while he builds beautiful WordPress websites for small and mid-sized businesses around the world. He enjoys web development, eCommerce programming, and plugin development.