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Start selling your photos!

Can Stock Photo is one of the world’s largest and oldest “microstock” photography agencies. We were founded in 2004 on the premise of offering professional yet affordable images, while providing fair commissions for our talented artists.

Today we are home to over 21,000 contributors, and over 140,000 members from around the world. We represent some of the most skilled photographers and artists, and support clients from small businesses to major television networks and governments. With over 10,000 new files added each day, we’re always growing!

Can Stock Photo was founded on the basis of offering a fair-trade alternative to the “other guys”, by paying contributors fairly and treating them with mutual respect. This isn’t marketing hype, but in fact is our company philosophy. As such, you’ll notice in our straight-forward Payout Schedule that we pay some of the highest real commissions in the industry, without any unrealistic tiers or confusing math.

Submitting content couldn’t be easier, as we literally have the fastest submission system available. You can submit directly using our built-in web app, or by using FTP. There are no limits, so you can submit as many files as you’d like. We automatically read keyword information, don’t require categories, and store model releases for easy tagging. With a few simple clicks you can submit hundreds of images at once, without entering any additional information. Our approvals are super fast, so your files will normally be approved the same day for sale!

After you upload your files and start earning money, you can request a payment at any time when your account reaches $50 (PayPal), or $100 (Moneybookers/Skrill, Cheque). And since you retain full copyright and control over your content, you can edit or remove your files at any time.


How can I start selling my images?

  1. Create an account ~ It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s required.
  2. Complete an application ~ Fill out a simple application and submit 3 images. We will quickly review your application and get back to you – often on the same day.
  3. Upload your photos ~ We just completed a complete revamp of our submission process with a focus on speed. Can Stock Photo’s SpeedSubmit™ system allows you to upload files and submit them within just a few minutes.
  4. Earn a commission ~ Every time one of your images is downloaded you will earn a commission. Also, if you refer another photographer to us, you will earn $5 USD for every 50 photos they sell.

The commission is outlined in more detail here: Payout Schedule


Why should I submit my images to Can Stock?

Make Money

Our photographers are our biggest asset, and we treat them accordingly! We pay a good commission for single image purchases on Can Stock Photo (payout schedule). Photographers will never be charged a cent for uploading their photos. You always retain ownership of your images, and once you earn $50 USD, you can request PayPal cash-out, or $100 USD for a mailed check or Moneybookers transfer.

Sell your images on Fotosearch

As an added bonus, your photos will be automatically represented on Fotosearch, one of the world’s largest stock photography agencies. This will allow your images to receive maximum exposure and market potential. Your images remain controlled through Can Stock Photo, and your sales on Fotosearch will be instantly represented on your account here!

Submitting your images is a breeze

Can Stock’s new SpeedSubmit™ system is one of the fastest submission systems available anywhere. Use our incredibly fast FTP connection for uploading your photos, or try our dynamic uploader to drag files from your desktop right to our servers! We also increase your productivity by using visual model releases and letting you submit up to 20 images simultaneously.