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The challenges of measuring marketing ROI

Today, marketing can be thought of as almost equal parts art and science. The reason behind much of this is the increasing growth and importance of marketing technology software...

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

What’s Conventional Advertising and marketing? Conventional Advertising and marketing is an offline type of advertising and marketing by which platforms like print media, radio,...

5 Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales

Increasing B2B sales isn’t simply a matter of putting out your shingle and hoping that more customers will come your way. Businesses who purchase from you want to believe they...

B2B Sales: Everything You Need to Know

Business-to-business (B2B) sales are entirely different to consumer sales. Typically, the whole process is more complex. Sales reps need to deal with a head of a department or...

3 Sales Mistakes Closers Never Make

Salespeople need to be masters at creating buying moments for their customers. To get the deal, you gotta work on the deal. Besides, customers buy when they’re ready to buy, not...