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Share work  with tablet

How technology is changing online advertising

Advertisers need to adapt to new technology or they risk being ignored online. Automation, social media and augmented reality are tools that advertisers should explore. The...

4 places to share your video advertising

You’ve created a series of videos that are sure to attract positive attention from potential customers as well as your established clients. Now the question is where to share...

How social media builds brands

Brands can be built on Facebook and Instagram but marketers will be most successful if they also understand the context of the platform, writes Jane Ostler Digital advertising is...

The pivot to reality for digital media

Forget the pivot to video; the pivot to reality is in full swing in digital media. The culprits are well-known. Google and Facebook have an iron grip on digital ad revenue....

Getting your digital advertising right

“The days of giving digital a pass, are over. It’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”These are the words of Proctor & Gamble’s chief brand...

4 strategies for a strong early marketing plan

Joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, Pinterest is adding capability for video advertisements that may give other social media channels a run for their money....

Programmatic display lead

Ingenuity Digital Holdings (IDHL) which trades as The WebMarketing Group, Ingenuity Digital and NetConstruct is one of the largest group of full service digital agencies in the...