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The Power of Online Marketing for your business

Have you invested in online marketing for your business? Our visual infographic conveys how vital the arena of online marketing is to all businesses, why you should be using it, what some top brands are doing in their digital marketing, and the benefits of a writer for your online campaigns.Full transcript is below the infographic.

Have thoughts to share on how online marketing has worked for your business? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

The Power of Online Marketing for Your Business

How Can Your Business Benefit from Digital Online Marketing?

Discover the many ways your business can increase sales and performance through online, digital marketing strategies.

Why Your Business Must Be Part Of The Digital Marketing Revolution

  • Almost 3 billion people use the internet globally;
  • 78 percent of all CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing;
  • 61 percent of all consumers feel better about a company that shares their own digital content.

Reach Your Biggest Customers: They’re Probably Spending Their Time Online

  • 78 percent of Internet users research a product online before buying;
  • 67 percent of Twitter users who follow a brand are more likely to buy from those brands;
  • Prospective customers who search for your services on Google will only notice the first three links on Google’s search page;
  • 63 percent of B2B marketers rate online videos as effective in marketing their business.

Are You Blogging? Here’s Why You Must Be:

  • Blogging plays a major role in digital marketing: 27 million pieces of content are shared online every single day;
  • Businesses that blog are 13x more likely to receive positive ROI;
  • Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.

How The Biggest Brands Use Digital Marketing

The big brands show just how much your business can benefit from digital marketing

  • The fashion brand’s digital marketing campaign during 2015 Fashion Week led them to prompt over 19,000 Tweets from unaffiliated users, using a hashtag campaign which promoted the brand.
  • The sportswear brand’s FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign included creating a series of YouTube videos, leading them to be the most talked about brand on social media during the tournament. The brand was featured in 1.59 million conversations.
  • Coca Cola. Named one of the best digital marketers, the company is slated to double its sales by 2020 through content and digital marketing campaigns.
  • A large online following led Mint to be sold to Intuit for an amazing $170 million.

How Can A Copywriting Firm Ensure Your Business Benefits from Digital Marketing?

Whatever the size of your business or the budget you have, a copywriting firm can help you to boost your business with digital marketing in the following content marketing areas:

  • Storytelling and concepts
  • Branding and slogans
  • Content marketing strategy & audits
  • SEO-optimized blogs, web content and article creation
  • Expert-level content writing for a specific audience (tech, etc)
  • Product descriptions and copy
  • Re-purposing: whitepapers, presentations
  • Social media copywriting and strategy
  • Infographic copy
  • Press releases
  • Scripts, marketing content, sales pages
  • Business case studies
  • eBooks & Kindle formatting



By Julia Spence-McCoy