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These 25 fantastic slide decks will help you step up your content marketing

Content marketers like me know better than anyone else how important it is to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to providing high-level content to our target markets. The following 25 slide deck examples about content marketing prove it.

Check them out now to get the campaign insights your business needs.

1. The Evolution of Content, Joe Pulizzi: In this deck, Pulizzi discusses 5 key elements of great marketing, including leveraging influencers, buying versus building and the importance of having a marketing mission.

2. Star Trek Lessons for Content Marketing, Rick Ramos: Ramos points out why Star Trek captured and maintained our interest for so long, and how you can apply their methods to your content.

3. The Top-10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER, HubSpot: HubSpot entertains and educates with their list of the best marketing campaigns ever.

4. Mastering the Buy-In Conversation on Content Marketing, Content Marketing Institute: This big player in the content marketing niche knows exactly how to break down key components of a successful campaign into easy-to-digest, actionable advice – and they more than deliver in this deck.

5. Why Content Marketing Fails, Rand Fishkin: While most marketing advice comes from success stories, Fishkin takes a different approach and focuses on factors that causes content marketers to fail.

6. Applied Analytics: Using Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions, Andy Crestodina: Here, Crestodina walks you through strategies from basic to advanced so you can move beyond just scratching the surface of your analytics potential.

7. Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge, Velocity Partners: Velocity Partners points out that most content is crap, and gives great advice on how to avoid these pitfalls at all costs.

8. Secrets to Building an Actionable Audience, Mark Schaefer: In this deck, Shaefer pulled together 14 experts, including Chris Brogan, Gini Deitrich and Lee Odden to share their advice on how to build an actionable audience.

9. Insane Honesty in Content Marketing, Velocity Partners: Velocity Partners demonstrates the benefits of not hiding away your company’s flaws, but acknowledging — and even showcasing them.

10. Content Marketing: Just EAT It!, Social Strand Media: In this deck, Social Strand Media offers 10 unique and memorable tips to ignite your content marketing strategy.

11. Content Marketing Advice From 27 Experts, Curata: Here, Curata’s profiles valuable content marketing advice from big names like Ann Handle, Marcus Sheridan, Mike Stelzner and others.

12. What Can Rock Bands Teach Us About Content Marketing? Gerry Moran: Van Halen fan Moran noticed some distinct similarities between rock bands and social media content, a unique analogy that he illustrates in this entertaining slide deck.

13. Content Marketing that Converts, Michael Brenner: Michael Brenner demonstrates what kind of content converts, as well as how you can increase the odds that your work will engage your audience.

14. The Content Marketing Hierarchy of Needs, Tomorrow People: Tomorrow People explains every purpose your content serves for your business, audience, and various channels. Fail to understand this hierarchy at your peril.

15. Why (Most) Content Marketing Sucks! Duval Union Consulting: Duval dives into the common misconceptions about content marketing that causes the majority of marketing strategies to suck.

16. 25 Important Content Marketing Stats, Contently: In this presentation, Contently provides a compilation of recent statistics from key marketing research, giving a holistic overview of the state of inbound content marketing today.

17. The Most Misunderstood “Buzzword” of All Time: Content Marketing, AJ GhergichGhergich shows us what’s wrong with the way people do content marketing today in addition to demonstrating the importance of consistently focusing on the consumer.

18. The Art of Visual Content and the Science that Makes It Convert, Uberflip: Uberflip breaks down the key characteristics of killer visual content and describes how to use this format to pursue your marketing goals.

19. 33 Laws of Content Marketing Success, Marcus Sheridan: The Sales Lion — Sheridan himself — breaks down his wisdom into an accessible, and easily applied, 33 laws.

20: How to Fix Your Marketing Blind Spot, Jay Baer: Baer rightly points out that even the most experienced marketers can have huge blind spots in their strategy. He also shows how you to get deeper insights about what’s working for your business.

21. These 20 Startups Found a Better Way To Launch and Grow a Business, Joe Pulizzi: Here, Pulizzi argues that Content Inc. is a better way to start a business, drawing on 20 real-life examples you won’t want to miss.

22. 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing, Matt White: White plays on the traditional seven deadly sins, applying them to a modern context of content marketing in a new and inventive way.

23. Moments Matter, Trends Changing Content Forever, Kyle Lacey: Next up, Lacey demonstrates the incredible power technology has on the way we interact with and consume content, detailing the specific steps marketers need to take to keep up with the trends.

24. Content Marketing in Boring Industries, Ross Hudgens: Hudgens addresses the problem of developing content on topics that aren’t inherently interesting, offering valuable suggestions that will assist a huge portion of the marketing world.

25. How to Suck at Marketing, HubSpot: Flip best practices on their head, and you get this slide deck: an over-the-top depiction of the worst things you can do as a marketer. It’s sure to entertain, educate — and make you chuckle.