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What is native advertising & why is the demand rising?

The change to internet-based media and digital streaming services has left many marketers at a loss for how to reach their target audience. Social media ads are nothing new, but it’s been proven most Americans and virtually all millennials not only mistrust but simply ignore traditional commercials and banner ads. This stumps advertisers, because according to Forbes, millennials are the fastest growing demographic, with $200 billion in annual buying power.

Enter the world of native advertising—custom content which mimics the look and feel of the digital or printed media outlet they inhabit, including social media platforms. With native ad content, advertisers and PR campaigns can:

Blend in

Statistics reveal that 60% of the time users spend on digital media is mobile—smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and TVs. Traditional ads seek to stand out and grab your attention in a way mobile users find disruptive, sales-pitchy, or just plain annoying. The goal with native advertising is to create something interesting that will engage potential clients without being “loud” or distracting.

Increase Clickability

The more your content resembles the posts, images, and blogs a given platform is designed to produce, the less intrusive it is, and the more social media users are likely to stop scrolling and start reading. Millennials like to be fully informed before making a purchase, but they trust social media posts, user reviews, and blogs to give them that information. Native ads function like natural content, generating a higher click rate than traditional ads.

Promote Readability

Today’s buyers are interested in the impact a given product will have on their lives, as well as a brand’s business ethos, environmental impact, and stance on social issues. The customized, demo-specific content offered by a growing number of marketing companies, like Shaw Media Marketing, ensures readers will find it informative and engaging enough to give it their full attention, as well as likes and shares across social media.

Tap in to New Markets

Native ads are made to fit with any environment, including traditional print media, a company website or blog, and now multiple social media outlets, allowing advertisers to reach more consumers than ever. Beyond views and likes, experts say a quarter of viewers respond to social ads by visiting the store or website, and 14 to 17 percent will ultimately make a purchase, turning all those clicks into interactions and sales.

Best of all, surveys among marketers have shown that social media ads are a low-cost option, since they don’t require the equipment and crew costs associated with commercial advertising. Incorporating native ads into their marketing strategy is a great way for companies to reach users—and, or course, their profit margins.

by Hannah Whittenly
source: PromotionWorld