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What is RTB advertising platform?

It was recorded that right from the start of this year more than 20% growth was came through this area. This analysis was done on American market and regions like Asia and Europe also showed mind-blowing results.

It all means that a huge concept was introduced in the market and it’s successful in every possible manner and in the coming future its not going to stop at any cost.

Focus on this Advertising Platform Is must for you all now. We have a huge number of different devices connected with us. Advertisers, Publishers or Marketers have to understand this concept or unfortunately there is a risk that they miss something big.

RTB Advertising Platform

We will try to keep it as simple as possible for you. It work like this: Whenever a person connected to a registered website of this platform an offer appear in front of the advertisers containing the precious.

Important data of the user like location, age, device type, operating system type, browser version and many more things which can be useful to decide what type of ads should be displayed to this particular user.

Now it’s up to the advertisers that how much they can pay for this person. The bidding process starts and the bidder with the highest rates win the bid and will be allow showing the ads. The entire process will be finished as the page is loaded and will be repeated for new users.


Advertising is getting smarter as the time passes.  Attacking on massive audience it is shifted on targeting specific audience. This provides more personalization to user and specifically displays relevant ads.

In the past traditional adverting platforms offers advertisers to display their ads on the websites that are potentially suitable for the target audience including the other irrelevant audience in it this is a first problem.

Another problem is that popular websites were displaying a wide range of ads which confuses the audience as they were lost in relevant and irrelevant ads.

RTB platforms promise to save money and provide greater outcome. It allows you to invest your money smartly and get maximum results.

Difference between RTB and Programmatic

There is a certain difference between these two terms. It will be perfect to think that RTB advertising is a part of programmatic approach.

It is not possible to say that these two are equal because some of the programmatic advertising is not RTB at all but yeah advertisers may use direct or programmatic advertising for ads selling successfully.

Publishers can get more money through RTB for their inventories as compare to the traditional advertising networks.

RTB provides better understanding of the audience which improves the quality. Advertisers can spend their budget wisely through using RTB. Advertisers can run more effective campaigns

Final Verdict

It’s normal that sometimes new trends get highly welcomed in the industry and sometimes they face disappointment. No one can say that RTB is final and perfect.

It also has some issues like everything else have in the world. You can try it and have definite advantage overs those who are still afraid to accept change.

by Blair Urquhart
source: Technology Times