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What should I do with my marketing video?

Video has become one of the most important parts of any digital marketing strategy. Research shows that one-minute of video is as powerful as one million words of text and 85 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a marketing video. Also, video content is 12 times more likely to be shared on social media than regular images.

Once you have decided to use videos, you first must consider the different ways a video can be used to promote your business and then decide which ones are best for you.

So, what types of video can you have and how and where should you use them?

Overview of company services video

This type of video provides a high-level overview of the different goods and services that your business provides and should be one of the first videos you consider producing. You would want to have this shown on the home page of your website and if you have a webpage giving an overview of services then you would include it there too.

You will also want to share this on all your social media channels. If you have a Facebook business page, you can consider using this video as your page banner. If you decide you don’t want to put this on your banner, then you should pin this video post to the top of your timeline.

You should do something similar with your Twitter business account too.

Product / Service description videos

You should consider producing a video highlighting the benefits and features of each of your services or products. Once produced, the video should feature on the appropriate product/service page on your website, as well as being featured on your social media channels.

If you write a blog post featuring any of your products or services, you should feature your appropriate product or service video too.

Customer Testimonial videos

Having a video of your customers providing a testimonial about your product or service is an extremely powerful marketing message, so you should look to create some of these as soon as the opportunity arises.

Case study video

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate how your customers have benefited from your goods and services. Explaining these in a video is a very strong way to get your message across.

Promotional video

Promotional videos can be used for marketing any sales or product promotions you are currently running. The video should feature the benefits of the product or service you are promoting, along with details of the promotion and how long the promotion is running for.

You can also use video to promote any events you are running or any occasions where you are exhibiting or speaking. Make sure you feature all relevant details, such as the location, date and if relevant the time you will be there.

What to do with your videos

Your videos should be featured on all the relevant pages on your website. It is best to do this by hosting the video on a video hosting site such as YouTube, Vimeo or Wistea and embedding the hosted video into your webpage rather than trying to host the video directly onto your website. These hosting sites are optimized to stream video and have the bandwidth needed to do this, where your website probably doesn’t.

You should also share your videos on your social media channels. It is best to upload your video to each of the channels rather than sharing the hosted link, as all social media channels have now optimized the algorithms they use so that it favors videos hosted locally. This means that videos loaded directly to each social media channel are more likely to appear in people’s timelines.

by Rob Osborne
source: SiteProNews