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WordPress 3D Banner Rotator with Stats

Beautiful 3D banner rotator plugin with Statistics will showcase your commercial banners in an impressive and creative manner. A lot of cool features will help you adjust the banner to your web page. If you think usual banners are a bit boring and would like a dynamic way of displaying them then this is the plugin for you. You can set up numerous different 3D transitions (due to enhanced 3D engine possibilities are virtually endless). Some of them are shown below. It can be inserted on your page as a widget (you can see it in the sidebar to the right) or as a standalone banner seamlessly inserted within a post or page (just like an image within text).

You can see how much impressions and clicks each image within each banner has and what CTR rate is. There are three different graph views. First one shows today’s statistics (impressions and clicks), second one shows monthly statistics and last one shows some custom graphs. You can preview how graphs look in screenshots below.

3D rotations are specialty of our WordPress plugin. You can set how much banner rotates along x, y and z axis. Please note that you set exact value for each of them (1 – full circle) so that gives you endless possibilites. You can set a simple flip, newspaper, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional rotations. Please preview some more of them in our Flash version of a 3D banner rotator. Also be sure to check our widget in the right sidebar that displays rolling newspapers. Yep it is this plugin.

In WordPress go to Settings / Banner Rotator 3D. In upper menu click Settings. Here you can define main settings for your slideshow.

Set width and height of your banner. It is recommended that you set both values to width and height of images used.

Main setting of banner is type of transition. You have alpha and blur transition as the subtle ones if you do not want striking 3D transitions.

Rotationx and rotationy define a simple flip along x or y axis. If you choose either of them you don’t have to bother with setting transitionX, transitionY,  transitionZ and zDepth. All those settings are valid if you choose rotationxyz.

This is a rotation type that gives you absolute freedom as you can set exact angle of each axis (x,y,z). This is how newspaper transition is done (transitionX = 0, transitionY = 0, transitionZ = 5.25, zDepth = 1000). zDepth defines how far deep the image goes when rotating. Please note that 1 means 360 degrees (one full circle). Transition Blur Value applies a blur filter to rotation. You can see it in newspaper transition where we add it to achieve a more realistic spinning effect.

PositionX and PositionY simply define a position of images on stage. Please note that they can not be set to 0 since 3D rotations expand images a bit and they would get cut off if stage is of the same size.

EasingIn and EasingOut define easings of both tweens (first and second part of flip).



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