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RapidHits offers managed traffic plans to help your business to thrive. We provide three advertising methods for every goal and budget: interstitial, pop-up and contextual ads.

We can deliver you real visitors to your site which will not only increase your traffic, but also improve exposure and sales. We can set up any agreed traffic plan within 24 hours.


Buy Targeted Visitors

All campaigns can be optimized by targeting location, language, category and browsers.  Build your audience with targeted visitors only.  Select your traffic plan and boost your website easily.

How Does Our Advertising Work?

Contextual Traffic

A dynamic advertising method that uses keywords and phrases from your text and is placing on relevant websites.
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Interstitial Traffic

Ads which go between content pages on websites and are useful for landing pages and one time offers.
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Pop-Up Traffic

Full size ads that will show up in a new browser window.
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Buy Traffic at Cheapest Rates!

All websites benefit from having more visitors, whatever the content is on them. At RapidHits, we can make sure that your website gets targeted traffic which is high quality. We will make sure that your website is connected to traffic which is relevant and therefore has a higher chance of converting into sales.

Each campaign will be given a tracking link. This will enable you to be able to watch the visits to your website increasing. The admins also monitor it to make sure that it reaches the high standards expected.

It is so important to make sure that you have more visitors. Not only will this translate into more sales, it will also mean more clicks on the site which will increase the attention of advertisers to your site and you will be able to charge advertisers more money.

Search Engine Optimization is still very important for websites as it will make the site more visible on search engines. Having more visitors will increase the SERP of the website as well as the Alexa ranking.

What Customers are saying

Buy Only Quality Traffic

Buying traffic can be a very effective way of advertising if you do it correctly. By making sure that you buy targeted traffic, then you will be getting visitors to your website that looking for the goods or services that you are offering. This means that you are just not buying a hit on your website but you are getting a visitor that could be a potential customer. It is possible to do this in a number of ways.

It is possible to buy advertising like this form us by investing in advertisements. These could be contextual, interstitial or pop-up ads. Contextual adverts are ones that will look at the keywords and phrases that someone is searching for and show your advert when someone is looking for relevant phrases. An example of this would be when they are searching for ‘buy flowers’ an advert for a florist would appear.

Interstitial ads will go on content pages on websites and contain relevant text and a link that will take the person to a landing page or to details about a one-time offer that could persuade them to make an instant purchase.

A pop-up ad appears in a new browser window when someone clicks a link. These will be very eye catching and if correctly targeted, will be very effective.

It is possible to use any of these types of advertising to target specific people. This could be determined by the country they are located, the language they speak or the browser they use. It is even possible to look in more detail as to their interests, age, gender and even which specific city they live in to make sure that you target the specific audience that you want. Each type of advertising is available in different ways. This means that you can find a plan that will suit you and your budget, as they vary in price as well as how they work. It is worth considering who your potential customers are and which type of advertising and targeting will suit them the best.

The great thing about buying this targeted traffic is that it could massively increase your sales. This could happen immediately as a result of the advertising, but could also help your future sales increase as well. This could be due to visitors returning to the site once they are aware of it as well as them telling others about it. You could find that it is the best investment in your business that you ever make.

Boost Your Alexa Ranking

All websites would like to attract more targeted visitors that convert into sales. There are different ways to achieve this and some look for a good search engine search result and others look at other measures. Some people feel that Google is the place to look and having a high Google score will be certain to get them sales. However, many more people are now looking at the Alexa ranking instead.

This ranking is determined by which is a subsidiary of and it audits websites and publishes how frequently they get visited. They use a simple algorithm based on traffic from users of the Alexa toolbar over three months. They measure traffic in terms of page views and reach (the number of site visits in a day). They do only count one users visit as one count, even if that user visits multiple times in one day.

They calculate the reach and page views each day for every website on the Internet and then they take the mean over three months to come up with a rank. In order to be included you just have to visit and download their toolbar. Once installed it will offer a search function and also display the rank of the sires visited. It will also send data back to Alexa as to which sites you are visiting.

It is worth knowing that if your site scores 100,000 or below then that means it gets pretty heavy traffic and that it is doing well. The lower the score, the better.


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